As things have been quiet for most of January around here (thanks to some nasty injuries, sickness and blizzard insanity), I wanted to end the month out with some fun stuff, to salvage a fairly tough few weeks.

The CrayVaders are pretty simple, but very fun to mess around with. The Axis Joints keep twisting and turning into oddball things that seem to build themselves. I love the little Crayboth, and with the new parts added on, they have been given a bit of a second life for me.
The big one has some weight to it with all those pieces combined together. Of course I had to make a Hades Crayboth. Now I have him causing trouble with our cat, hunting the old Mega Feline across the great Carpet Canyons. I think I've been inside too long...

PS- We also restocked some previously sold out Axis Joints: Black, Clear Colorless and GITD Green are back in the store.


  1. Silver and blue Axis Joints on the way!? I bet Cray Hades is a toughie!

  2. The jacked up dude with the Buildman bits for knees is freakin' sweet.

  3. That Crayhades is vicious and the Purple & Silver are a great combo. I need to order more GID/ Black Joints

  4. These are some simply awesome builds, Matt, the CrayVaders especially so.

    Also, I think it'd be hilarious to get some shots of Craydes stalking the Mega Feline. Jus' sayin'.

  5. So were the yellow and purple trans. joints a one time deal or will they be restocked?

  6. Beth's jaw hit the floor when we saw this post. I have since been charged with making as many of these as possible LoL. I like how the Crayboth aesthetic seems to have carried over with the Axis joints; the blue crayboth's head plate has the appearance of being broader with the joints in place. I also sense a Tyrants of the Wind colorway with those first purple/silver Crayboth.

    It's alright Matt, the snow has made us all a little wacky. My forces are currently trying to seek dominion over the Coh'fee Tay'buhl but Callgrim and a Grimsquad Terra Mite just flew by to put in their bid for power! ....I really do need to get some sleep. O.o....

    Feedback & Kudos for the awesome builds dude! :-D

  7. BG: Holy crap, I didn't even register the head plate extension aesthetic, but you're right. 0.0

    Also, is it just me, or is the silver have a lil' bit of an extra sheen to it? And the first set of Axis Joints we've seen with paint apps...blazes.

  8. Nice to see some Crayboth action after all this time. I hadn't thought to upgrade them with the Axis joints, so I may do that in the future. Need to order more figures for parts, though ;) Is there any chance we'll see more Crayboth cover waves in the future? I'd like to see more of the clear colors.