Continuing with the classic sci-fi aesthetic, this build is a take on the vintage 1977 Zeroid design. It featured a different look than the first Zeroids, sporting a clear dome and simplified internal construction. The coolest version of the dome head Zeroid was the one that came with the Star Hawk flying saucer. Just an awesome toy with a tried and true, old school theme: Robots piloting U.F.O.s.


  1. that bottom picture almost looks like a version of the lost in space robot... i love it... and I still need more parts.. I bought some of the restock (though I missed the last of the GITD phase arms).. but I am dying for the new things... and the newly tooled items

  2. Beautiful builds Matt!!!

    The new joints give builds a wonderfully rounded organic look!

    Can't wait for the next drop!!! I'm now convinced you simply cannot have enough axis joints!

  3. After the apocalypse, our money will be meaningless. Axis joints, however, will be traded alongside precious metals and gems.

  4. JediCreeper beat me to it: when I saw those pics, "Robot" from Lost in Space jumped to mind, particularly the last shot with the Gobon disc for a head. Two thumbs up, Matt!