Real Clarity

After spending the last few weeks getting caught up on the everything we are ready to start rolling again! To celebrate 2011, the first new figure out of the gates will be a Sarvos Mini, our latest collaboration with Mori Katsura, master of RealXHead! This will also mark the first official release of the Sarvos mini head sculpt that is not a pack in (only the very first GITD super crossover had this head sculpt available). The Henshin Cyborg vibe continues to get into everything over here right now, with clear plastic popping up in all our recent projects.

Speaking of which, I personally wanted to thank you guys one more time for making the full release out of the Axis Joints turn out so positively for us. I never take it for granted that we have the best group of people out there supporting these strange new entries into the Glyos line. We should have restock before the month is over, maybe even in some all new colors!

Since we are now preparing to deal with another blizzard (and possible power outages), the tentative RXH Sarvos Mini release date will be Friday night, January 14th at 8PM EST. The Sarvos Mini will run $35 USD and is articulated at the neck, shoulders and waist.

On a related note, we have also upped the production schedule for the Pheyaos Mini and Pheyaos Man RXH figures for the next few quarters. The outlook for RXH releases in 2011 is starting to look very good! Huge thanks go out to Mori and to Don "Datadub" Kratzer for continuing to make these little guys a reality!


  1. No problem Matt, the Axis Joints are amazing and I can't wait for more colors to pop out. We got hit HARD here on Long Island, my truck is buried up past the tires thanks to the plows. On the upside, it's good weather for some snow-scenery photography. :-D

  2. Well, I might have to finally make the jump. Lovin' the look of this one, although admittedly, all of them have been really awesome so far.

    Thankfully, car troubles have kept me out of the City -- and the blizzard -- so far. Never woulda thought I'd have something to be thankful about regarding a transmission, but there ya go!

  3. Wow looky what we have here! :-D. Such an amazing piece. Everyone should make it a point to try for one. The clear vinyl is is so fantastic. So happy a new Sarvos piece has come and I'm loving it. Getting back into more things around here and looking forward for more joints and possibilities. A Huge thank you Matt. Very shocked and very glad what you do for me as well as us all!! Looking forward to more of your collabs. Hope you didnt get to much snow last night and your power is still on.

  4. definitely getting one of these :)
    will there be any other suprises in this mini i wonder....hmmmmmm :)

  5. Thank goodness for a restock. I didn't realize how many I really needed to do the builds I wanted.