RXH Clear Sarvos Mini

Clear Sarvos Mini is gonzo!

Wow! You guys are amazing! We actually upped the amount of figures for this release and the sell rate was still very quick. Mori will be very happy to hear about this.

Thank you to everyone who grabbed this clear mini. It's your super dedicated support of these releases that allow them to keep happening. I'll let Mori know to up the numbers on the upcoming Vegi-Brain Pheyaos Mini...


  1. Um, ouch, so much for the calendar event I set 2 weeks in advance....

  2. Congrats, respective teams! Can't wait to see what else is in store for the RxHxG collaborations!

  3. Yes Vegi Brain!!! You guys are fantastic!! Great to see the upage and a successful release :)

  4. I am one happy camper being able to
    pick up a clear RxH SARVOS, and
    I'm glad to hear that Mori is getting
    word of how the demand for minis
    keeps growing.

    Onell! RxH! Onell! RxH! **backflip**

  5. Also say Mori he shall get his old Minis out the barn again and make them moveable arms! I love the Minis quite a bit more than the largo bozos, but then i have to admit i hadn't one longer in my hands (or display) than the 5 minutes i played with the ones in your house ;D
    Can't wait for my little clear dude! And the Shef! and the...