The Shipping Dimension

Michelle, Megan and I worked double time over the last 48 hours and knocked out just about every order from last week's drop. I have to wait until Monday morning to bring the majority down to the Post, but after that, orders should start landing at your homes (three huge bags did make it yesterday afternoon though).

Above are a few shots of a pretty simple "Heavy Runner" that I've been playing around with. I kind of imagine Cane looks like this when he hangs around with the SDD.  There is a Megazone 23 Garland vibe going on with this one, which was one of my favorite mecha designs from back in the day. More proof of Shinji Aramaki's genius!


  1. I'm not too keen on the Rig Runner's standard shape, but the blockier it becomes the better it looks!

    With all these great vinyl builds, I'm almost afraid to see what you've got cooking in the PVC department!

  2. LOVE the heavy runner!
    That one should go into production I think! :)