Spent the last few weeks getting adjusted to our summer schedule and preparing for the July drop. My apologies for the posting dry spell, but I've been in extra Dad mode while helping the girls get squared away now that they're home all day.

Over the past weekend I took Hades on his latest adventure, this time up to Gloucester, MA. Had some fun taking a batch of "on location" pictures, from daybreak until nightfall. The rocks made for a neat backdrop (and so did the fire pit -more on that later).


  1. Looks great! Can't wait for the next drop

  2. That first picture is nuts man! Jesse is right when he says you take the best pics! Going all hallmark on us ;)

  3. Really nice shots. The coast is a great place to take photos.

  4. Beautiful shots. Same old camera from before, or did you upgrade at some point?

    Also, the black is ridiculously glossy. Is that the restock stuff, or was something else done to the plastic?

    1. Same old HP Photosmart 945 model from 2003! I love the lens so much on it, that I have gone through five of them since my first one. I swear there is something special in the design.

      The black was applied on everything but Klace in those shots, hence the extra luster.

      Good eye, Roy!

  5. Man! I would love a Hades of my own is like one of those I will own hopefully one day. Thanks Matt for the Awesome pics.

  6. Yeah, the coast in the background always add something more to an image.
    Great shots Matt, I'm searching Hades too hah! Maybe a 2.0 release in the future..?

  7. Beautiful shots! Hades is such a good pocket pal, isn't he?!