Variable Suit

Some more pushing and pulling with the light sources. The SDD Variable Suit has been outfitted with an opening cockpit that stays attached to the build when opened due to the "hose" that connects it to the bottom part of the construction. The parts fit tight with no "wobble" and give Neo Voss Pheyden some extra head room for his big melon.

I've been thinking about the Stealth Dimension Division as I've been working and I like the idea that this team is like a Deep Science Unit, working on concepts in a special Phase Dimensional Environment which allows for unlimited creativity:

 With the ability to easily manipulate everything around them and rapidly test new designs, the SDD are responsible for many technological advances and innovative applications of existing hardware. The SDD come up with ideas, soft test them as "Phase Phantoms" and then send their plans to the Experimental Mechanics Division (EMD), who really push the designs and bring them into the "real" world. 

Shipping is moving along at a good clip and is on schedule. Doing an overnighter with Megan this evening that should result in a hefty round being ready for a post run tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Oh man That is AWESOME. DEFINITELY making something with that hosed cockpit. Now I need to pick up an extra rig and armodoc and.. aw, who cares. You top yourself yet again.

  2. That cockpit is an awesome idea and the whole thing is one great build. Is it getting bigger, or is the Block Room getting smaller? haha

  3. Love the idea, and happy for more potential adventures with Rynevo and the EMD crew! I also adore that amazing opening cockpit. At first I was pretty nervous about clear vinyl interacting with coloured PVC, but the SDD stories have really changed my mind!

    1. What you don't want to interact is a red dyed clear hard PVC figure (Gobon CC) touching your first gen Armodocs. That dye will move from hard vinyl to soft vinyl. :P

  4. VERY cool!
    IMHO this could deverve its own SKU place and colour scheme in a future drop