We are cranking away on shipping everything out from last week's release. There is a fairly massive blizzard headed our way, with a forecast to strike tomorrow morning and last into Saturday. This may affect our postal runs a bit, depending on what actually goes down (hopefully no more trees). As of now we are expecting over 2 feet of snow! Gah! Chances of us making the Toypocalypse show on Saturday night are now looking pretty slim.

On a far more positive note, later tonight we'll be posting up something very special that Nate "Baena" Baertsch has created to expand the development of Planet Sonesidar. It's absolutely remarkable how Nate can create such convincing paintings entirely on his computer. You literally feel like you're standing on the surface of an alien world when looking at what he's put together!

The Cosmic Comic King, Ralph Niese, has also knocked out another great round of the comic. We are aiming to post the next installment at some point tomorrow, in between battling the elements! Ralph has rendered some amazing new panels that continue to push the boundaries of conventional composition.

Working with Ralph, Jesse and Nate on the content for the Sonesidar release has been the best, as they are each truly masters at what they do. We are lucky ducks to know these hyper talented machines.

Now back to shipping!


  1. Stay safe in the storm! Understandable if we don't see you at Toypacalypse. But we'll hope for the best regardless!

  2. Matt, you guys need to stay safe more than anything else! As it is, if the weather's going to be half as bad as they're saying it'll be, the city will shut right down and make travel impossible here, let alone coming in from the outside.

    As for the content: bring it on, everyone! And good on ya, Matt, for bringing together such an awesome collective of talented people for this crazy little thing called Glyos. At least that's one thing no blizzard can change, eh?

  3. Good luck! Hopefully we all don't lose power like back during Sandy, so we can at least enjoy the internet.

    Stay warm!

  4. Yes, above all else, stay safe! I'm so looking forward to the upcoming content from Nate and Ralph.

    Also Matt, what happened to the Volkriun Rig Runners? I was hoping to order some this coming week and they've disappeared from the store without even going to Low Stock!

  5. I hope things get well soon! It's been raining heavily the past few days here, so I understand the feeling.

    I'm also curious about that Sarvos build. It doesn't look like it's contained, so I'll be surprised if it's an amazing traveler build with two Axis Sets and a Hub Set. Still, all these teasings of little bits of builds are mean, you should post the full shots! XD

  6. It figures the 1st big snow of the season would be landing squarely on Toy Fair weekend, lol. What're the odds of that? We're basically just waiting to see exactly how bad it'll be snowing, or not snowing. People are in panic mode & swarming the gas stations to make sure their vehicles are full, it's like a flash-back to October during all that Sandy insanity.

    Stinks we won't be able to see you guys, but like Roy said your safety is more important AND there's no telling how bad the city will be depending on exactly how much is dropped here. Do you think if the snow is really bad they'll post-pone the Toypacalypse show until a later date? O_o?

  7. I sad we might not see you guys... this storm is just a pain in the ass.

    I hope you guys are safe and warm. we can't wait for these guys to start showing up.

    hope to talk to you soon!