Thank You!!!

Without further delay, here are the first few pages of Operation: Sonesidar! Gigantic thanks to Ralph for working so hard on this new adventure. Seeing him render the DSGs digging away has been a trip! We'll post more pages over the coming week as we process everything from last night.

Speaking of last night, you guys are a force to be reckoned with! Thank you so much for getting the year off to a very positive start! I was personally surprised by how many of you still seem to hold the old Adventure People inspired colors close to your hearts. That yellow-orange is kind of an strange color choice, but it did OK for an oddball. Thanks for giving the no detail lined approach a chance, I hope that when this stuff lands in your hands it sparks the desire to play!

My apologies to those of you that had some problems with the store loading last night, as I received a handful of emails that there was some lag in the interface when everything went live. We are still pushing to improve the release night experience, and are constantly tweaking things from production numbers to dealing with our servers to make things run smoother. Thank you for sticking with us even when we have a some static in the reception.

We'll be processing everything over the next few days and are aiming to start the shipping towards the end of this coming week.

Thanks once again for allowing us to keep going. You guys are incredible.


  1. Thank you, Matt! Could we be seeing more runs without detail lines in the future? Having the "pure toy" look is a nice one, after all . . . and getting two of the MONO wave colors back is, of course, a nice bonus.

    Can't wait to get this stuff in hand!

    1. Also: ol' Ralph continues to astound with his artwork. Here's hopin' Part II comes quickly!

  2. Fantastic as always! Looking forward to what comes next. Ralph's art and your stories just keep getting better and better, looking forward to what comes next!

    Last nights drop was awesome, this drops line up really takes me back a couple decades! Can't wait for that shipment from Sonesidar to hit my mailbox!

  3. Thank you, Matt! This drop was steller as usual. Can't wait to get building! That opening page by Ralph is a beauty!

  4. Yellorange is a great colorway and was the colorway the glyans were created to sport. they look amazing and I'm so happy I was able to get the deep space guys

    I also built one of the hubarounds... I love the contained builds, they are great for a building moron like me

    can't wait for Toypocalypse!

  5. Gah! I want a Glyos Graphic Novel done in this style by Ralph! Any way we can get all the new and old comics centralized?

  6. Thanks for yet another terrific drop, Matt! I bought a whole buncha stuff this time! So excited to receive it all - - can't hardly wait!!! :-)

    ...and the "Operation: Sonesidar" story and artwork are awesome! Definitely looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Great stuff Matt! The yellorange guys really feel even more 70s "Space 1999" to me than Adventure People, but pure retro SF bliss either way.

    By coincidence, a new limited edition Microman Rescue figure came out about the same time as your launch in similar colors, too... http://www.arden.to/archives/4625

  8. Ooooh, can't wait to see the next installment!