The Kind of Old Days

Man, that was a spell! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind over here. Lots of production related challenges had to get wrangled, as well as a general mopey vibe in the air that was kind of bringing everybody in our little circle down. Maybe the winter blues were to blame, or maybe just regular old stress. Whatever gremlin was messing with the works seems to have taken a break from causing trouble, at least for now (though we did lose one of of our chickens to a raccoon last night).
To unwind, I've been going through old project boxes and drawing files, remembering the days when I was really custom building crazy. Being a Microman (Takara) and Micronauts (Mego) nut, many hours were spent building various representations of characters from those worlds, as well as branching off into fan fiction stuff, like the Microshow. Takara still remains one of my all time favorite companies, right up there with Fisher Price.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to put up some images and scans of those old customs and drawings, Micro related and beyond. I warn you that some of the stuff is pretty rough, and at times downright cruddy, but it may at least make you laugh!

In production news, a new wave is planned for the first or second week of April, and if luck is on our side, something new will be in store (and in the store) when everything goes live. The mystery item has been worked on for quite some time, but may not be what you're expecting. Multiple steel tools are currently in the process of being cut, one of them being a complete figure with all new parts. Should be fun to customize with!

I hope you guys are feeling good and staying creative during these winter months!


  1. Fantastic! I look forward to the future posts.

    My whole year in MA I dreamed about digging through those art piles haha. Even moreso after seeing the posts on Kaiju Korner. Thank you for sharing.

    I am a metal Exellis head away from making Microman Command Smith M163 from Sonesider figures haha. Just need a trans green Block.


  2. very cool! hope the new thing is a girl!

  3. Creative dry spells are the worst on top of the winter blues. Haven't written anything in months more than a couple of lines, so I'm debating going through my "old box" (some folders on my laptop) of old writings and stories, all to see if I can kick something back into gear.

    Here's hoping you've beaten it pretty solidly, though, and that sharing it with us can help you get back on track. Not sure you'll find much laughter here, though; you're probably more in-store for some serious accolades and recognition. Hah!

    And sorry about the chicken, too. I hope things get better!

  4. Cool art, I can't wait to see more.

  5. My crew has been getting those winter blues too. Keep pushing through, Spring is here soon!
    Love seeing all those old designs, and looking

    1. ...forward to the new stuff! Sounds like we'll see the long-awaited Delphi and/or Noboto!?!

  6. Been a long dark winter for me too. Keep your chin up Matt!

  7. I love the idea of some sneaky, mystery project using Noboto, Delphi, and Hinge Joints as a clever smokescreen. While everyone scatters about those projects, this one sneaks by and is finished without anyone noticing.

    Still, I sincerely hope for a 2-week notice this time. I hate to bring up things over and over, but PayPal is notoriously slow for us without credit cards.

  8. Man, I really hope it's the Delphi being put into steel. Also, since you are showing stuff off, any chance we can see the 4H version of the Pheyden 3.75" scale head? BTW, love these BTS posts.