Maxx Works 3

As Ron and I worked out the proportions for Maxx, we tried different sizes for the little bot's head, starting with a significantly smaller noggin on top.

Using existing Glyos production figures for the scale match was a very important part of the blocking process, and served as a central point of measure.

The primary goal at this stage was to find just the right size for this new Robo Force. We wanted the sculpts to appear powerful and fairly massive in comparison to what we had worked on before, yet also maintain 100% compatibility with everything else already in full production.

The other major concern was that Robo Force would make sense financially for the Toyfinity team to produce, so we moved forward with certain dimensions and metrics in mind, conceived to hopefully result in an overall success and not just simply a redesigned classic robot.


  1. So whatever happens to these pink works in progress? Is there a store of them someplace, hiding away for posterity? Or do they somehow get recycled?

    Love the progress shots, whatever the case!

    1. The Renshape masters take a little bit of a beating during the conversion to production, but in general they survive.

      I do have an archive of most of the original sculpts, with the masters serving time in various boxes, scattered in multiple locations.

  2. In a weird bit of parallel evolution, I did this to an exellis:


    Bio-hats for everybody!

    1. Awesome custom, Seth!

      Must be a Gear's Edge vibe creeping into the mix...

      Thanks for sharing the link!