Phaseon Phundamentals

When samples for this new order arrived a little while back, the first thing I did was start building with the Phaseons (closely followed by the Buildman figures). Since the funny history of the Phaseon's path to production is always present in my head,  my creativity seems affected in a unique way when playing with the parts. The fact that the Phaseon mold arose from the ashes of the Beanbot design, which in turn was actually pulled from early MVR concepts, just adds to my odd fascination with the unassuming little clunker.

The build shown above is pretty contained, except for 17 Switch Pins that were left out. There are spaces to insert them for a more aggressive "spikey" look, but for this one the rounder finish made the final cut. The core construction of this "Range" Phaseon is a variation of the "Task Major" design, which I've been  messing around with over here for a bit.

This Range Phaseon has been battling with many a Glyan across our tables and floors, and is now searching for some Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters to add to its form!


  1. Nice! I still dig the Task Major's "self-contained" tubes, but it's always fun to see a new take. The Phase Rifle (?) certainly makes great use of the parts, and the tubes on the back look like they could be jump jets.

    Now, what happens when Phase Arm sets and Gobon Blasters are added to the mix?

  2. I always like how beefed up you make the Phaseons, this build flows really well, how well does it stand up? I wonder how it these things will truly be able to get, so imagine a year or two from now if you make more upgrade parts and these things are just like "Too....mahch...Glyos...!" & explode like Mr. Kreahso from Monty Python's "Meaning of Life". O_O...

    I also find that aesthetically, the swing joints work best on the Glyos figures who normally feature straight legs (Glyans & Phaseons primarily). I haven't had a chance to use swing joints on any Phaseons yet so I'm curious to try it out.

    The drop is shaping up to be a cool one, can't wait to see the surprises! :-D