Future Rewind

Toyfinity's John Kent brought his impressive Robo Force vintage collection up for another fun visit, and the boxy bots still remain as charming and quirky as ever.

These shots were taken as the classic and new Robo Force characters discussed their next set of moves on our kitchen counter.

I'm pretty certain that I overheard Hun-Dred mention something about a metallic pearlescent red...


  1. Metallic pearlescent is never a bad idea, regardless of whoever suggested it. And it's nice to see a Phaseon in the background now and then.

  2. Wow, Doc's got a cool collection of those guys!
    Metallic pearlescent for everyone!
    Sent you an email, maybe went to your spam.

  3. Could I encourage you and Kent to look into replicating the awesome stickers, perhaps with tempos?