Cosmic Gladiators

I've been literally waiting decades for a Colossus Rex like this.

Redesigned by the legendary Mel Birnkrant and sculpted by the inimitable Four Horsemen, the fully painted Rex shown above is really an out of this world figure.

I couldn't resist taking Rex outside today for a little battle with the completely outmatched Traveler Lymerran Pheyden (even with some Ultra Silver armor on). Who knows, maybe it was just a training exercise. Either way, it was quite surreal to take pictures of one of my personal super grails -an Infinity Edition of the remastered Rex!

The 4H have the whole new assortment of Infinity Editions OSM in stock now, including my childhood favorite, the mighty Man from Jupiter, Colossus Rex.

Huge, HUGE congratulations to Mel and the 4H for completing a cycle that was started all the way back in 1968! This line is without a doubt an integral piece of toy history, and I believe as the years roll on, it will become much clearer just how unique of an accomplishment bringing the OSM back to life has truly been.


  1. I have a few sets of the older series of the 4H OSM's from a few years back but these pictures have brought me back into the fold. That Rex is awesome! I also finally pulled the trigger on the Power Soldiers. They are a must own and I don't know why I waited so long. Also, the Pheyden color combo is great, that green has been my favorite color for a while now and paired with the ultra silver it's a can't miss! Building an Excellis version now!

  2. I meant using my Ultra Silver Excellis to build one... : )

    Does anyone know what the combination of parts is for the left arm? Looks like a large and small axis joint and a glyan arm section, but what waist part is that at the shoulder joint?

    1. Hey Mike! The left arm can be created with one Axis Joint Set and the Dark Traveler Scarf.

      It's construction is made up of a large "Straight" Axis half male/male, a small "Curve" Axis half female/male, and a small "Straight" Axis half female/male set up. The DT scarf is then pushed up over the large Axis half to create the armored look. Holds together nice and tight.

      Lymerran also has the small DT/LSA "Inner" scarf on his neck and another large "Curve" Axis half male/female on his back.

      The DNA shared between the OSM and Glyos is a direct result of Mel's massive influence on the days of my youth.

      He is one of a kind.

  3. That's another large Axis joint with a scarf over it.

  4. I think those might be two Noboto shoulder joints making up the bicep of Gladiator Lymerran, with an Ultra silver Dark Traveler scarf for the shoulder. I know Colossus Rex is the focus here and don't get me wrong, it's a great figure, but that Pheyden color combo is too much.

  5. Love that Pheyden combination Matt, don't know why but now I gotta see a Robo Force figure in Lymerran Green so I can combine it with the silver one Doc is coming out with & make an awesome looking figure. Just love that silver/green color together.

    Colossus Rex is amazing, always been a huge fan of reptiles & monsters so this is the figure I've been waiting forever for. I really love the armor , a e & shield they gave him, such nice upgraded accessories. Reminds me of Palsides (now old) Micronauts retro line when they'd add new pieces to compliment the old figure. I wish they had done this with some of the other characters in OSM as I'd love to see what else Mel could come up with.

    Now that they've made all the figures that were never made, plus a few extras, will Mel be working on another line of figures? The man's designs are just so flippin' cool to look at, I'd love to see them get made into toys/figures. I love how he does monsters, just so much fun about them all.