Super Robots Giant Monsters Show

In the midst of the activities happening this weekend, our friends over at Collection DX will be putting on a brand new event called Super Robots Giant Monsters in Lowell, Massachusetts! Falling on Saturday, March 29th, from 11AM -7PM, this special showcase will feature an eclectic group of artists and vendors from all around the Northeast, an Art Exhibit and also a Toy Exhibit -curated by 3D Printing and CAD ace, Sanjeev Selvaraj!

I've personally known Josh over at CDX for a long time, watching him build his website into something very impressive over the years. The amount of effort put into this one of a kind show is another example of Josh's desire to create something unique and exciting, for all of us to participate in and enjoy. It has been an honor for us to be able to help sponsor the event, and we're really looking forward to meeting up with some of you guys in person on Saturday.

We'll have a special area set up for Glyos related stuff featuring our partners in crime:

-Jesse Moore of Callgrim

-Boris Savic of Banimon

-John Kent of Toyfinity

-Pj Bartlett of Spaced Out Design

Should be a fun day, and Josh even has a crazy food truck showing up that we can antagonize throughout the show!

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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