New Mini Release

This weekend, on Sunday, March 30th at 9:30PM EST, we will have a Mini Release of a few new figures, along with the restock of Ultra Silver, GITD green and Black Metallic Axis Joint Sets.

This Mini Release will see the return of a couple detail lined figures, in the form of Commander Sullkren MK II, as well as the very first detail lined Dark Traveler. These two figures also have brand new painted areas, some of which make their debut with this round. For the very first time (after nearly 7 years) , Travelers will have full production painted shoulders, shoulder tampos, bottoms of the feet, and fronts of the feet. Coupled with the painted areas on the tops of the hands, these two figures feature the most factory applied paint on a Traveler release to date.

On a related note, the gray colors of the new Sullkren and Dark Traveler are not exact color matches to the 2012 ZED wave, but do fall within the same family.

Also on deck for this Sunday is Argen MK XI, in his Black Metallic "Dark Argen" color selection. This look matches the recent Black Metallic Kabuto Mushi that TGB just released last week.

Last but not least is the Gold Noboto, or "Goldboto". Some of these escaped in the big February shipping process last month, and now the rest of the Goldbotos want to hit the road as well!

A complete detailed list will be up soon (the detail lined figures come with lots of extra parts- much like Hades did last month), but the quick list is:

Commander Sullkren MK II   $12 USD
Dark Traveler  $12 USD
Argen MK XI   $12 USD
Goldboto   $8 USD

I know that this wave comes right on the heels of recent Glyos related releases from TGB and Toyfinity, but sometimes the production schedule lands everything right in a row. We'll see how the response goes, as this Mini Release project is still a work in progress. The next big wave is planned for the end of April (Glyaxia), which we are still on track for. After that we're shooting for very small late May wave, then a restock of the Buildstation in late June.

Having these deluxe versions out and about has been a lot of fun, especially on walks outside. The detail lines add a certain depth of realism to the photo shoots, and remind me a lot of the old days. I've really enjoyed taking location shots as the seasons start to change again.


  1. Looks like quite a lineup! So should we be expecting to see these at Super Robots Giant Monsters this weekend?

    1. Hey Dex! A very small advanced batch of these guys will indeed be available at the show this weekend, along with a random smattering of other items. Nothing exclusive, but perhaps a few production oddities may also make an appearance on the table.

      See you soon!

    2. Great to know there's nothing exclusive, Matt.

      Scalpers aside, one of the greater negatives about being a toy collector is all exclusive this and exclusive that.
      Sure, one can usually get mules and it keeps the "spice" of collecting fresh, but boy does it wear you down trying to keep up with multiple lines like that.

      You're a good man.

      All that paint looks SICK by the way and I'm drooling over finally seeing detail lines again.

  2. Wow! Everything looks great as always Matt. I have to say that the detail lines do add that something extra to the figures. I never got around to commenting about what to stock in the store as a Standard figure, but I don't think that a Standard Govurom was ever produced. Not sure if the mold is still serviceable or not but I'd like to see that figure added to the store.

    Unfortunately I wont be able to buy anything but I'm working hard to be able to get a standard LSA next month. I have been waiting for that figure for years! Good luck on the release.

  3. These are simply beautiful Matt, Argen is what got me into collecting Glyos ever since I read his story in the comics and the new look of him is so Killer!!! The re-imergence of detail lines w/ the added paint apps really makes the figures pop too. Looking forward to this weekend.

  4. These are quite charming, Matt, and you can expect that they’ll fly off the table on Saturday.

    It’s good to see Sullkren again. The figure has a special place in my book, as the ZED wave was the first That I feel I came into my own as a builder. Here’s hoping that if this mini-release proves successful, we’ll see a Neo-ZED release later on down the road.

    I know I’d be excited to revisit those old builds with the new parts we’ve had since!

    1. Wasn't Zorrenor the first "across all molds" color? Which, as I recall, is why you entered building ecstasy.

    2. That was a big part of it, yeah. Also, the idea of "Glyos United" just left itself open to a lot of building freedom...

  5. Absolutely beautiful figures. The combined paint apps definitely do your sculpts justice, and I feel that the price reflects the quality. I hope doing more figures like this down the line is feasible, especially for all the main characters.

  6. Oh snap! Incredible choices for a mini drop. I've gotta say, the Dark Traveler/LSA build continues to grow on me -- they rock pretty hard with all those paint apps.

    Don't want to spoil any surprises, but what of those pearlescent purple and blue Crayboth we were teased with?

  7. When we getting an Armovour in that black!!!

  8. The extra paint hits these guys in all the right spots. Cannot wait to add a few to the collection. Amazing how you guys continue to invest and make your product better and better. I commend you on your commitment.

  9. I love the red eyes on the dark traveler.