Sullkren's Path

The limit of ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR will remain in place. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!

Edit: You may place additional orders and all limits have been lifted. Thanks!

Also note that past releases are still available over at the Buildstation.


  1. Sullkren is awesome. I'd love to able to get one, but he's really the only fig I wanted to grab. I missed him and my ZED is incomplete without him. After shipping on one fig, makes him like $18 alone.....

  2. Missed him the first time that is. ZED was a really fun drop. A drop with all molds this year would be crazy with the additions we've seen lately.

  3. This release is special to me in that my first full release was the ZED drop. I love the color scheme, and I always felt great that I got to cut my teeth on a colorway that is incredibly simple and slick.

    I passed on Sullkren on that drop, and I've regretted it ever since, so I'm pretty stoked to be able to grab a new one, especially because its coming with a classic Pheyden head. I miss the regular Pheyden set up, and I can't wait to configure the guy the way I want to.

    These deluxe releases are genius. I really wish I could afford one more Sullkren, but I'm really happy I could get one at all! Great drop guys!

  4. Hey matt I just realized that the two crayboths names are a tip of the hat to marty !!!!!

  5. With the assortment, colorways, and hangin at a hot dog place, this felt like the drops of old. Great times, great drop.