Mission Details

This being the 7th anniversary of our tiny little operation, we thought that the occasion deserved something extra special. Well, after years of development and a ton of concentrated work, our family is happy to finally share something long in the making with you... Meet the new vinyl Super Crayboth!

The Super Crayboth started life within the "King" Crayboth conceptual drawings, but gradually evolved into a different part of the Crayboth lore, manifesting as a key element in an underlying story arc involving a shared history with the Voss and the Villser. What if the Crayboth had been preparing all this time for the return of the Villser? What dark past had they survived to claim their new home on the Sporian Planet Alcray? These questions frequently rattle around in my demented head, so I really wanted to start exploring the true history of our resident mini menaces. This anniversary release hopefully gets the ball rolling!

On to the list!

-LIMIT 1 per EACH STYLE Super Crayboth

Super Crayboth

Glyan -Crayhunter Standard (Grayeen Blue/Redorange with Black visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8
Glyan -Crayhunter Reverse (Redorange/Grayeen Blue with Black visors and White tampo w/ reconfigured Dark Traveler scarf and belt) $8

Crayhunter Commander Kullkizer (Grayeen Blue/Redorange with painted eyes and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $8
Crayhunter Commander Vullestren  (Redorange/Grayeen Blue with painted eyes and White tampo w/ Dark Traveler head/Traveler belt/Traveler scarf/Inner Dark Traveler scarf) $8

Crayboth Hunter Clone  (Grayeen Blue/Redorange paint) $4
Crayboth Disruptor MK II  (Light Purple/Dark Purple paint) $4  
Crayboth Mariner  (Light Blue/Light Magenta paint) $4   
Crayboth Cultivator  (Light Magenta/Light Blue paint) $4 
Crayboth Harvester  (Light Yellow/Green paint) $4 
Crayboth Stealth MK III  (Clear Colorless) $3  
Crayboth ???  $4  
Crayboth ???  $4  

Dark Traveler Neo Phase (Clear Green w/painted eyes, removable belt and inner/outer scarves) $8
Noboto Neo Phase (Clear Green w/painted eyes, bonus head) $8

Swing Joint Set (Clear Green) $4
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set (Clear Green) $2 
Axis Joint Set -Grayeen Blue $3  Special Anniversary Price
Axis Joint Set -Redorange $3  Special Anniversary Price

Super Crayboth Standard (Green Vinyl/Dark Pink paint/Light Pink accents) $25 
Super Crayboth ??? $25

The Super Crayboth stands just over 4" tall and is 5"wide. The construction is comprised of 6 separate parts, with the arms and legs using the standard small vinyl fit function and the waist connection debuting a new medium sized fit function, designed specifically to hold a PVC Crayboth in place when stored inside the Super Crayboth body.

Not since their original launch has there been this many versions of Crayboth offered at once! We have been working on this wave for what seems like the entire year, so seeing everything come together after many bumps and some intense turns in the road feels pretty surreal. I keep thinking that we still have to turn the mechanical color guides for this release in, even though I'm holding the final figures and the barn is now stocked!

Leading up to the launch on Sunday night, we'll pop up some posts spotlighting the Super Crayboth with details about its development.

I hope you guys like the newest addition to the Glyos System!

EDIT: I forgot to list the Axis Joints Sets! Too many hours staring at the screen! 
Also forgot to post the LIMIT 1 PER EACH STYLE on the Super Crayboth!


  1. Happy Anniversary... & we get the presents !!! It's gonna be a Cray-tastic Sunday :) Tanx Matt !!!

  2. OMMFG!!! This all to Awesome to take in. Super Crayboth - WHAT!!!

  3. Oh, baby, what a little beastie that thing is! I do hope they last in the store for a while.

  4. Oh man, those Crays are beautiful. The Super Cray itself is quite the customer, too!

    Little bummed that we won't be getting the Axis Joints teased in the past few posts, though. Still, the Craynbow more than makes up for it!

    Happy 7th!

    1. Hey Roy! I forgot to post them! They are now both on the updated list!

      Thanks for shaking my cage! Ha!

  5. I looked at the blog at work and had to cover my mouth so I didn't squeal out loud!!! I was hoping for a Delphi but this is so much better!!

    Happy Anniversary to the whole Onell crew!! Thank you, and best wishes for 7 more years and beyond!

  6. Matt, are there no Axis Joints in this drop? They were pictured on the teaser image of the Crayhunter Glyan, which happens to be my favorite Glyan design, and I wanted to make sure they weren't left off the list!

    1. Gah! I spaced out and forgot to add those suckers!

      They are now on the list and at a special anniversary price of $3!

      Thanks guys!

  7. Literally squealed out loud when I saw the super crayboth! I am so ready for this drop!!

  8. OH. MY. CRAY.
    That new sculpt is ridiculous!
    This drop is going to be so much fun come Sunday.

    I can't wait to one day get that beautiful creature in Hybrid & Standard Cray colors one day (hey, I can hope!).
    Still drooling over those Crayhunter colors too.

    Based Doughty wins another one.~
    Great job, man.


  9. Thub-dub. Thub-dub. Thubdub-thubdub. Thubdubthubdub thubdubthbdbthdbthdb --
    I feel, I just fell -- woozy. *thud*

  10. Wow, that super Cray is big and ugly. It'll look great next to my Rigs & Doc.

  11. THAT Neo Phase Traveler will be MINE !!! No limit's on anything ???

    1. Hey Mark! I forgot to pop the limit on the Super Crayboth up (too many sleepless nights!). It will be:

      Super Crayboth Standard -Limit 1
      Super Crayboth ??? -Limit 1

    2. Kool. I can't spend too much, & everyone gets a shot at this beauty !!! Tanx Matt, Happy Anniversary :)

  12. Hokey Smokes! That Super Crayboth is awesome! Beth has already fallen in love with all of them, especially the Super Crayboth. That hand looks a little bit like it could grasp a traveler figure? Is that possible? I'm all over that feature if it's the case, excellent sculpt Matt. Good to see some monstrous stuff pop up.

    Wow, can't believe it's been 7 years, I remember when getting Buildmen was the new thing. Who knows where things will be 7 years from now?

  13. Could somebody PLEASE tell me how to build a Crayhunter. I always seem to run out of hub ports. I know it's TWO Axis Joints and ONE Glyan but I always get stuck on how the pieces should go. Hopefully Matt and co will do a contained release soon so I can see where I'm messing up.

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  15. Y'know, looking at the colors of the regular Crayboth, I can't help but wonder, was this drop originally planned for Springtime? 'Cause those are some very Easter-ey colorways.

    1. I think you're dead-on with that, Dex...probably was going to be the April drop and changed for whatever reason.

  16. Is that a picture of the standard Glyan release this time around?