New Robo Force Rollout

Our good friends over at Toyfinity have something really good on tap tonight, just in time to cheer us up. John put a ton of work into the latest round of stuff, and the results came out super good. Vanguard shares the orange hue from the recent Granthan Corps LSA as well as a secondary redorange that is very close to one of our upcoming Crayhunter colors. All in all, an awesome wave.

It's been a strange week, but sitting at the computer and editing some new pics has actually helped to settle my short circuited brain over the last few days. Nothing like traveling into the imagination to reconnect the wires and feel inspiration pulsing again. It's definitely going to take me a bit to get used to Hutch not sitting next to me as I work on this stuff, but the show must go on.

My sincere thanks again to all of you.

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  1. When our cat Whedon died a few years ago, it hit us hard because we were expecting him to be with us for years and maybe even our kids would play with him. Him having a heart attack in my arms and dieing right there a few days before Halloween, really messed Beth & I up. Despite his passing during our favorite time of year, we had to always remember him but live or lives regularly. I think our now oldest cat Jiji still misses him as Whedon raised JiJi from a kitten, so Jiji was his shadow for the time they spent together. After he died, I think Jiji was as shaken up about it as we where. All we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep the journey going. You had a good amount of time with Hutch, 20 years together is nothing to sneeze at.