New Weaponeers of Monkaa Release

The dynamic Spy Monkey Creations duo have a fantastic new release scheduled to pop up in their store today, July 9th, at 12PM PST!

Dubbed the Lava Strike Force, these fresh additions to the Weaponeers Universe are a true sight to behold in hand. I recently took a few of them up to Gloucester and snapped the pics above as the sun was nearing the horizon, resulting in some pretty wild lighting effects. The combination of clear neon orange parts, black PVC and painted accents really delivers a unique and visually arresting assortment. Brilliant work!

Be sure to head over to the Weaponeers of Monkaa story page to discover the secrets of the Lava Strike Force for yourself, accompanied by the extraordinary imagery of the one and only Nate Baertsch!

Fantastic round, Jeremy and Brian! Good luck today!



  1. Thanks, Matt! We can't wait to unleash these guys in a few hours! Happy New WoM Day Ever'body!

  2. Yay! I've been waiting for this color scheme since...was it SDCC last year? Anyway, super excited to get these. I was able to grab the three new guys, and my wave 1 magma gohlem (probably my favorite color they've released) is ready to rumble!

    1. Oh yeah, but if we had a magma armorvor (wink wink) to keep them in line, that would be killer.