Super Crayboth Glyventure!

Here's a little game we've been working on to coincide with both our anniversary and the release of our new vinyl figure. It's a Glyventure game, with controls similar to Dungeon Traveler but a few twists. My favorite addition is the Glyan Boombox (aka the Rhythemitter), featuring tunes by Arcade Rats (aka my twin). Click it during gameplay to cycle through a few tunes!

Depending on which player you choose, you may have a different experience, especially when going up against the Super Cray. The game is currently in Duel Mode only, so there is no ending... yet. Check back soon as we will unlock Commander Kullkizer and add a few other touches.

Massive thanks from Matt and I to my brother Jbo for delivering some clutch tuneage, and of course thanks to all of you for 7 years of continuous support. We hope you get a fun summer time vibe from this game that puts a smile on your face.

PS- Limits have been lifted and you may place additional orders.


  1. We like your rhythms, Marc.

  2. The game is awesome! The beats are tight! Also discovered you can be crayballim from the drop last night on the duel mode in dungeon traveler!! You can also be hades pheyden!!! Thanks team onell!!