Thank You!!!

Tremendous thanks from both Mori and all of us here at Onell for the strong response to the first domestic Stryker Lock release.  It definitely turned out to be another intense run on our system, with an unfortunate shortage of supply versus the actual demand. Since the manufacturing process for Japanese soft vinyl is a much more laborious affair than Chinese rotocasting, the initial production run was based on how our previous RealxHead crossover releases had sold in the past. This number was then increased in anticipation of potential new interest in the RealxHead brand by folks who may have just discovered the magic of RealxHead. Clearly, the production numbers should have been even higher than what Mori and I had planned for, but walking the line between too much and too little is an increasingly difficult tightrope to navigate.

So, we are going to attempt something a little different with Stryker Lock. If you are interested in another chance at the white with black rub edition that we just offered on Wednesday night, please send an email to us at: info@onelldesign.com

Just let us know which style you prefer (or both) and if you would like multiples. Please include your name in the message and write Stryker Lock in the subject title. We will then see if we can adjust the rerun edition to cover everything that's requested and determine what the true demand actually is.

Mori and I consider the white version sort of the "Standard" color type, and Mori has already run two larger rounds over the last few months in Japan (our domestic run is actually the third production run of the white type). The new (4th) run will be virtually identical to the previous 3 editions, with some possible minor variations to the paint rub (Mori and the legendary Goto San apply everything by hand).

I'm not 100% positive that this will work seamlessly, but we are willing to try a different approach to get this new series out to all of you who dig it. Mori and I sincerely want anyone who'd like to check out Stryker Lock to have the chance to do so. The core concept behind this project is to supply a hybrid series that combines our two worlds into one that's easily accessible at a solid price, wherever you reside.

Thanks again for sticking with us as we adjust the dials over here! Together, I think we can tighten the system and most importantly, keep things positive and fun.


  1. Very excited to hear the new approach to this new line. Can't wait to take my Mohawk out for adventures.

  2. Just sent my email to you as requested! I'm definitely onboard for the next opportunity to get BOTH Stryker figures! Hope they appear again soon!

  3. Made to order sounds like the perfect approach to making sure customer demand is met without over or under producing. You know exactly what's needed. I think all future Onell-RealX/Stryker offerings should be sold this way.

  4. What shoulder attachment is this?!