Thank You!!!

What a whirlwind! The turnout for the Tuesday night release was intense, with some heavy traffic flowing through the store. Thank you for the solid response to the new round of stuff!

Along with the hustle on the site, there was also some old school activity on the blog over the last few days, with both positive and negative feedback being shared. Though a few comments were pretty charged up, the open lines of communication between all of us are always 100% encouraged and respected, even if sometimes things get a little bit bananas. We are dedicated to making you happy, but for some of you that might not happen until after you give our system a chance. For everyone new to our end of the pond, we're truly interested to hear what you think.

Over the next month, we'll be focusing on a couple projects that are in various stages of progress, a major one being a crossover with the incomparable Mori Katsura, the creative genius behind Real X Head Japan. Mori and I have been working away on a new "series blending" concept we call Stryker Lock. Starting next week we'll be posting about the details behind Stryker Lock including when we'll be releasing the first domestic wave of these new figures. They travel great in the pocket and make for some fun scale warping characters, depending on what world you decide to have them visit.

Wrapping up, our team has been steadily working away since Tuesday night, concentrating on processing and packing all the orders. After we hit the post office tomorrow morning,  just about everything should be shipped out. Major props to Michelle for her Rain Man-like invoicing abilities and the Megan/ Pj/ Marcus shipping juggernaut! I would be in a van down by the river without them.

Marcus has also once again brought his mutant pixel mixing abilities to the table, producing the new animation you see above! From the looks of it, Elder Exellis may have acted too late, as a Rebellion slowly rises to become an Empire.

Thank you from the whole family for making this such an exciting release! As always, Glyos owes its continued existence to each and every one of you.


  1. Thank you sir!

    I will be sending you an email this weekend!

  2. Eagerly await Stryker Lock !!!

    Oh, & you guys kick ass :)

  3. Thank you Matt and company! Can't wait to see what's on the horizon! Don't really get into the forums but now I'm wondering what the hubbub was... I'm too busy playing around with my toys haha

  4. This is absolutely awesome Matt! It's like each time so far you announce a new project, a Real x Head series blending. I can't wait to get my figures and see this new Stryker Lock project! It guess the GFD isn't the only big focus of the story for this drop, but also it seems to be getting to the part about the rising gendrone empire the crayboth mentioned, another great release and can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Another great drop!! Very excited to get my hands on the stryker lock figures, and I really like that new animation up top!

  6. Wow, that's a lot of exciting info tucked away inside of one little paragraph! The Stryker Lock collaboration sounds promising, and there will be no shortage of excitement about where it leads!

    As for Elder Exellis and the Empire: listen, if it means we'll get to see two divergent factions of Gendrones in the future, it'll be worth it for all the different possibilities. What if Argen's actions make his Empire vulnerable to corruption by the Villser, while those loyal to Exellis retain and perhaps refine their Gendrone forms? (Also, seeing metallic blue Imperials and metallic ultra gold "Deniers of a Darker Fate" would be awesome. Jus' sayin'...)

  7. Onell Design = the real Santa's workshop. Stryker Lock looks so interesting, can't wait to see what you cook up!

    1. "Onell Design = the real Santa's workshop."

      Spot on comparison.

  8. Got my Reverse Skeleden today, and I'm loving the little guy! Would love to see him in a glow-in-the-dark version (maybe mix the green GITD with the red GITD from the Solaris drop?). Also looking forward to whatever else is coming next!

  9. My order just came in today, VERY cool colors in person! Having a lot of fun mixing around the bronze figures and the ever growing Armorvor collection. LOVED the Mordireus Skeleden that stowed away, if that's from an upcoming drop it'll be a fast sellout for sure.