Banimon Invisibles

Perfectly timed with today's fresh snowfall, Rocket North's Chief Commander Boris Savic reinforces his Banimon legion with the first ever Clear Colorless "Invisible" edition of his classic Banigoth/Red Army Men figure tonight, February 5th at 9PM EST over in the Banimon store.

I've personally been waiting for a clear colorless run of these little guys for years, and now it's finally happening. I've had a few particular builds set aside specifically for this clear Banimon parts attack (one is shown above)!

However, the launch isn't only about the new clear production run, it also features a special custom "Pseudo CC" offering, showcasing the combined talents of longtime Banimon collaborator Seth "Orbitdyne" Longmire and Boris himself.

Looking forward to this release, B! It's hard to believe that you're coming up on 4 years in full production (Banimon/Red Army PVC figures debuted back in September 2012)!

Congratulations on another round, Boris!


  1. Thank you Matt! And thank you Boris for letting me paint so many cool builds!

  2. Love that Glyan?/Banigoth cross, looks like a minnie Darth Vader.

    Equal parts adorable and bad ass!