Code Zereon

As Glyaxia Command continued their search through Argen's data files, many strange records relating to the early development of the Buildman Project were uncovered. Within this information lay hidden a number of abandoned concepts that were taken directly from the Sendollest Buildstation archives by Argen himself.

Of particular interest to Glyaxia Command was a sealed project simply called Code Zereon.

Argen's data revealed that during the height of the Old War, the Metran Science Department discovered a derelict craft of unknown origin among the shattered moons of the Sendollest Drifts. Through the use of a powerful alien decryption mechanism the Metran Science Department pulled a series of esoteric mechanical plans from the craft's cortex and proceeded to try and recreate what they had found. 

Documentation from the original Code Zereon experiments ended with an unexpected order to destroy all active test models and to halt any further development of the project indefinitely.

After learning of these events, Glyaxia Command realized that Argen was intent on resurrecting the Code Zereon project due to the evidence found inside his memory banks. It was then, through the use of Argen's own significant progress in nearly constructing a "Gendrone" Zereon, that Glyaxia Command was able to complete the unfinished work started by the Metran Science Department so long ago.

Now, select Esedeth Mobile Patrol soldiers utilize the first production Gendrone Zereons in their specialized missions, incorporating the compact tech into different Variable Reflex Driver configurations and testing the Zereon's limits. 


  1. Scary stuff. To quote the character Dr. Malcolm:

    "They were so concerned with whether they could, that they never stopped to think if they SHOULD."

  2. Glyaxia Command stumbled on something great!

  3. Holy crap! Those little builds are awesome!!! So glad I have one of these and a Glyan, now I know I can at least build some things without the bigger unit.

    Totally getting a G.I. Joe Motorized Action Packs vibe from these builds, I love little accessories & vehicles for figures.

  4. Matt, you continue to amaze us w/ your creativity on expanding the Glyoverse. Please keep at it my friend!