Neo Granthan Sunstorm Mimic


  1. This color scheme works perfectly with the Armorvor!

  2. That's two out of two that I'll be buying so far. Since he's a mimic, hopefully there will be a Sunstorm Glyarmor on tap, as well.

    And for what it's worth, Matt, I kinda wish you would go back to posting Mission Details before the drop.

    1. Glad you dig a couple things in this round and I genuinely appreciate your feedback.

      Mission Details may make a return at some point this year, but for now we're trying out this system.

      Things are ever changing, so expect some twists and turns as we navigate through the unknown.

      Maybe also keep in mind that for every person who likes one way, there is an equal number of folks who prefer another.

      All that being said, we'll keep on trying to find the right balance!

    2. Oh, yeah, I know some people like the surprise. I can only speak for myself. Just wanted to bring it up here where I know you will see it rather than just grouse about it on the forums.
      And I like surprises myself, but I only have so big a toy budget every month, and it's hard to plan anything without a little more info.
      It's pretty much the only complaint I have about what you guys are doing, so pretty good track record, I think! :)

    3. For what it's worth, I really enjoy the anticipation and excitement of a drop without mission details. Really looking forward to adding a Glyclops to my collection!

    4. I prefer planning. I don't know, I just think it's stressful to figure out which figures to buy when they could sell out at any moment.

  3. Its a very nice color combo but I especially like it because it has the black chest piece. Its been a few years since the first Armorvor so I'm not completely sure but I always preferred the black chest piece as the Black Core tech that powers the armored suit.

    This guy should look good right next to Sidervor

  4. i want a neo sarvos in turrican colors

  5. Seekers! I really want to see a Starscream colored 'Vor now!