Clash of the Toyfinity Classics

The great Toyfinity has returned with an all new line up of classic characters, pulled straight from some of their most requested files! Head over to the Toyfinity blog for all the release details and a look at some awesome new art of the special "Super Zeroid" build by our friend, the illustrating super cyborg Jason Ho!

Seeing Zintar the Explorer and Hun-Dred  produced in the tradition of their original colors has been a lot of fun, and the trend is set to continue in the coming months with some more classic combinations in the works.

An excellent rollout, John! Almost as fun as the time we nearly crashed the Mystery Machine rental on the way to Funspot. Almost.


  1. A mention on the one and only Onell blog! I feel like I've finally made it! :D

    PS: everyone go buy those figures, you owe it to yourself to have a Super Zeroid on your toy shelf--it's a monster!

  2. These look fantastic!
    Cruel the Detonator and the sand colored EMP Elite Defender have been my favorite versions of the roboforce figure, but that classic Hun-Dred might have a chance to dethrone those for the foreseeable future.