Thank You!!!

Thank you for a truly super 10th anniversary rollout! We're so happy to finally be able to share the Villser with you guys, especially since the road to bringing this character into reality had been paved with some unexpected and challenging turns. Our whole clan deeply appreciates the extra support that you've shown for the Villser debut, and for once again keeping the pathway open for us to summon new creatures from beyond the Rift.

As of this writing all packages have hit the post, save a small handful. Michelle, Pj and I burned the midnight oil over the weekend and hammered through a pretty substantial cardboard labyrinth. Even CC got in on the act (some of you may even find some "bonus artifacts" on your slips, courtesy of our little comedian). We must have listened to Toro y Moi's new Boo Boo album 40 times while we were in the barn packing (thank you to Marcus and sorry to Pj).

Our next wave is set for mid-September and will see the return of the Glyknights as well as some expanded Gendrone (Gobon) action to take on the Villser!

Thank you again for warmly welcoming our new addition to the System. I personally can't wait to see what you build with these new parts and hope that, most of all, you really have some fun while exploring the new figure's landscape.


  1. What a spectacular update! "Expanded Gobon" what's that mean...hmmm?

    More Glyknights are always welcome!

    Loving Toro y Moi's new album as well, great summer jams! Sounds like I could've fit right into the packaging assembly listening to those tunes.

    Now I can try and recoup the massive amount of damage that the Villser has wreaked on my wallet, resting assured that reinforcements are on their way come the fall.

    Have a great rest of the summer!

  2. Gonna start saving my dollars now for next wave for sure if there's more Gendrone galore as well as a sneaky Gobon sign me up!

  3. This was quite a debut, and the wave of Pheyden blue was about the best colorway for a tenth anniversary drop!

    Also exciting: the return of Gobon next month! The question is, of course, are we about to see some of Argen's legions return, or have the Renegades come out of hiding to face their old foe head-on?

    Here's hoping the rest of the summer is awesome for you all!

  4. You have unleashed a hated blight upon us all and I couldn't be happier XD I may not have been there from Wave 1, but I'm glad to have been there period, especially for as long as I have. Collecting Glyos has been such a rewarding experience, and I'm not even talking about the figures. It's just been so great meeting all of you and learning so much. Congratulations everybody!

  5. I've only been collecting glyos since February, but even though I only have a couple of figures, I can tell I'll be collecting glyos for a long time! Thank you Matt and the rest of the team for creating one of the best action figure lines to ever exist!

  6. So happy that this figure did well for you guys, after seeing it I knew come drop day people would go bonkers over it. I am excited to get this in-hand for two reasons:

    1) Getting a larger, chunkier, 3.5" tall Glyos figure really adds another element to the line that is alot of fun. Had this come out back in 2009 or 2010, I wonder what crazy creatures I'd have made.

    2) Seeing the Villser in plastic form is really a big "whoa" moment for me, I remember reading about these things on the blog and never knowing what would come of them.

    Did you ever sculpt a Villser before this? I seem to recall a picture of a bigger, beefier creature that would have been vinyl not PVC.

    This was the peefect way to say "happy 10-years!" Matt, well done sir!

  7. I can't wait to feel the stinging pain in my fingers once I get my hands on these guys!

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  9. Thanks Matt! This was a fun box of stuff to get in the mail today. My youngest boy had minor surgery today, so he got first pick of the new Villser and obviously went for the phase green one as he loves phase green and anything translucent. He's thinking this figure ranks pretty darn high right now and prefers the "backpack" head.

  10. Thank you for taking chances, trying something new, and delivering 200% with great service. Fair warning though; if you ever run the Villser in a black and red "Baron Karza" homage, I may squeal like an entire barnyard of pigs

    1. Oh, heck YES! A "Baron Karza" version, followed by a white "Force Commander" version would be must gets for me!