Villser Standard

Villser Standard Formation

Beam Sentry Formation

Grip Strider Formation

Edge Raptor Formation

All Seeker Formation

We really do look at the Glyos project as one big connected super loop, so after 10 years of producing stuff, this new Villser needed to be the Omega to Pheyden's Alpha. Something to challenge the Travelers on equal ground.

The following are some info bits regarding this new PVC Villser:

-The Villser stands 3.5 inches tall and is made up of 20 parts in its "Standard" humanoid build. Each Villser also comes packed with a bonus Switch pin (there is already one counted within the backpack as well) for double Fusion Builds. So 21 parts total with each Villser including the bonus Switch Pin.

-Figure breakdown is 3 part arms, 3 part legs, pelvis, belt, 6-way chest, chest insert, backpack with Switch Pin, neck, head, "brain cap" and the previously mentioned bonus Switch Pin.

-Some of the original sketches and concepts that I had played with over the years (there have been many of them) focused on a variety of angles and piles of small stacked parts (and would eventually spawn the actual Axis Joints, Hub Set and Swing Joints). Then, over time, the Villser evolved into something that focused much more on a very buildable, but not overly complicated, multidimensional design.

-More hours were spent working on the potential contained builds for this guy than anything I'd ever worked on before.

-Older experiments with the Voyager Argen concept were a heavy influence on the direction of the final figure and helped visualize the metamorphic functionality that's at the heart of the Villser, both as a physical figure and within its story arc.

-This creature also had to integrate the existing accessories, especially Axis Joints, into a handful of specific "intended" builds, focusing on one particular "savage" strain of the character itself. The Axis Joints factor into much of the original Villser Virus story arc, so this version of the Villser needed to have a special flow with the Axis design specifically.

-Contained double figure "Fusion" builds were on the checklist to incorporate as a focus, with some extra freaky Barlowe style configurations emerging from the combined concept explorations.

-The Villser base body had to be variable enough so that another major character could come to fruition through a future Extra Set mold upgrade currently being worked on.

My hope is that anyone who's been playing with Glyos for a long time will be intrigued by the mix of new and familiar parts that make up this beefy critter, and folks who are just discovering this world can get a true feel for what Glyos is, in a simple and easy way.


  1. This is really awesome! I'm really excited to get my hands on this figure. Curious as to what else is in the drop too though.

    1. There's gotta be somebody unlucky enough to find themselves confronted by these Villser...

    2. Well, since this was posted, the shop icon went from being a Villser standing on its own to having two Traveler silhouettes standing behind it. Maybe that's a clue?

  2. I am irrationally happy about the Grip Strider. The Voyager series of builds helped me figure out more to do with the Buildman sculpt, and seeing one of those creatures here is a fitting nod.

    That being said, we're going to see some example "Savage" and "Fusion" builds before the drop, right? Because I can only imagine how crazy this is all going to get.

    And another major character? Oh geez. And wait, Extra Set as in the extra torsos we used to get with Phanost and Sarvos heads?

    So many questions...

    1. Yes, the Voyager concepts were very eye-opening that took an already versatile figure in the Buildman to another level. Especially as contained builds without the need of Axis joints or anything else.

  3. Matt, you should do some tutorials on the background sets you're making. I would love to see your methods so I could make some sweet D&D settings. There's a really great contrast on the red with those green figures. Reminds me of the end of GB2 when the museum is encased in a hardened goo!

  4. Beautiful figure Matt, very exciting to see the Villser finally make it to production!

    Okay, I'm itching to see what the Barlowe double build will look like, that's got me excited about the build potential for these over all!

    I'm guessing we'll see Axis joints in this same colorway?...Any other accessories in this green (how close is this to the Lingrem colors btw?) Swing, hubsets? Itching to see whats on the menu!

  5. This figure is incredible, you've truly outdone yourself Matt. Contained builds, a Savage strain, Fusion builds, good grief! I agree with R., it sure would be awesome to see these other variations soon.

    What's the story behind the All-Seeker? That build is very intriguing.

  6. Beefy indeed! Standard format exudes power striding forward like alien juggernaut yet sleek/balanced in that timeless-tech that makes up the Glyoverse

  7. Dude, what are you using as a backdrop? I love it. It remind me of the ooze from Ghostbusters 2.

  8. Maybe I missed this, but do we have any word on what this is gonna go for price-wise?


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