Passcode Playthrough

In celebration of officially hitting the 10 year mark, we've put together a special Passcode Playlist that covers almost every entry in the series!

Creating each installment was always a labor of love, even when finishing things would take hours or days longer than expected (like the Glyaxia Incident of 2010). For anyone that may not have completed a game, or wants to rewatch the stories on the big screen, there is now over an hour of video to stream on YouTube.

Extra special thanks to our friend Rich Vreeland, whose music became not only the soundtrack, but the inspiration for many moments throughout the series.

Michelle, Matt and I are SUPER excited to debut the new figure tomorrow. There will not be a new Passcode this time, but check back for big reveals leading up to the launch tomorrow night at 9:30 PM ET!


  1. Thank you! I love being able to watch these on YouTube!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for this! Now I know what to do around 8:00 pm or so...