Crossed Over and Wrapped Up

SDCC was really fun this year. The Crossover theme brought many creative minds together and some wild work popped out as a result. Getting a chance to meet some of you highlighted the craziness that is the Con. It was great to talk in person and share some time discussing all kinds of topics, especially with the super creative people who keep us going through their dedicated support. I hope my grizzly looks didn't scare you guys too much!

The biggest draw of the Con, for us anyway, is the opportunity to spend time with our friends and customers (who usually also become our friends). Between the crews from Japan, the UK, Canada and all over the USA we had a regular United Nations of toy nuts. I personally feel luckier than ever to be allowed to break bread with such awesome people -on both sides of the table.

Thanks to everyone who made SDCC 2010 such a memorable experience, and Jesse didn't even get arrested!


  1. Awesome! Glad to hear all went well!

  2. The stuff of SDCC legend.. Massive thanks all !
    See you in NY ?.......:)

  3. I dunno which makes me more sad, that I missed Comic-Con or that I missed out on Fudge Factory.

  4. Looks like more fun than the law allows!

    I like how the Armodoc got in on the passed out hazing.

    And is it just me, or do Megan and Ayako look prettier every time we see them? Awesome!

    I'm slightly terrified of the Fudge Factory. I hear that two milk dispensaries and a lemonade stand are located directly on the other side of that place.

  5. @Monsterforge - you have interupted my chain of thought with your childish and lowbrow humour I demand satisfaction, shall we dual at noon sir?

    only messing tooo funny

    @Matt - You now have the beard of a king! keep it up and you could take on George's toothpick beard!

    Looks like all had a great time, great to see the UK in full effect and living it up, if any of you guys need someone to carry your bags next year I only charge the plane fare ;)

    and why is it so shocking that Jessie didnt get arrested he certainly dosnt look the type to get arrested haha

  6. Best. Con. Ever >> big love Rob Clops x

  7. Hey Matt! It's Izdawiz. I loved meeting you at Comic Con and not just because you showered me with free stuff and insisted on buying me a MOTUC Keldor even though we'd just met a few hours earlier.

    WARNING: Do not look at anything wistfully in Matt's presence or he will try to buy it for you. And it's hard to say "no" to a giant bearded guy who insists on buying you stuff and will absolutely not take "no" for an answer.

    And Matt doesn't believe in all this "getting to know you stuff," he's likely to just size up your aura and go from stranger to friend in zero-point-three seconds.

    @ Matt: I'm still trying to wrap my head around both your incredible generosity of spirit and your ideas for igniting a toy revolution using a creative collaborative of smaller toymakers & artists. You've inspired some ideas that I hope I can pitch to the Four Horsemen to try and increase the fan involvement with some of their Fantastic Exclusive projects.

    You can read about my Glyos OSM related epiphany here:

    And my ideas for a Glyos TV commercial here: