OSM Variant Concepts Part One

In anticipation of the upcoming new Outer Space Men assortment that is now in the steel tooling process, Mel, the Four Horsemen and I have been knocking back and forth some ideas on where to take the original four figures concerning some variant concepts.

We will be featuring more OSM coverage over here on the Glyos end of things moving forward, bringing the different aspects of what goes into making these characters become a reality. The above concepts are my dorky attempt to put what I hope is a fun twist on the basic "buck" OSM bodies. I love doing concept work, so it has been a blast just messing around with the possibilities of one of my all time favorite toy lines. A sorry shape compared to the Horsemen and Mel's work, but you guys might get a kick out of seeing some of this stuff.

Speaking of those two great designing juggernauts, if you haven't already discovered the new OSM dedicated site that Mel has created make sure you click over there and take in what that creative dynamo has been up to. He has drafted tons of awesome conceptual drawings of possible line extensions for his babies.

We'll post up some more designs over the next few days if you guys dig it.


  1. No Matt, send me the Mono script! haha.

    Sure bro, post the drawings! Always love those hard!

  2. Incredible. Love the colors. Would welcome any but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Cosmic Jukebox.

  3. these look great. I especially like space squid, the octo-urchin and Cosmic Jukebox.

  4. Thanks guys! Ralph, you're going to get it! Ha!
    I forgot to mention in all that text jargon that the Heavy Armored Helmet on the Xodiac variation would go over the "Lobes" head at the bottom, by force fit. Kind of like the standard Xodiac. If there was a secret head under that beefball helmet it could lead to some fun variants within the variant!

  5. WOW! Just wow.

    The Xodiac concepts are super-strong. The heavy-armored head is a must. What the Fungus? is a completely out of left field concept - and I love it. Cosmic Jukebox is another really great one - I love the idea of the "depth" you would get from having the mechanicals behind of a clear piece, especially with some surface changes in detail - reminds me of the detailing on the Power Lords Warbot.

    I like the Inferno concepts - a natural evolution of the body type, ripe for story possibilities - but the Metamorphos are the true keepers of the second pic. Again, the idea of the clear bits obscuring the aliens inside is dead-on. I'm unsure which of the two I like better.

    The Astro-Nautilus concepts are incredible. I would buy each of those figures, in multiples, in a heartbeat. The squid MUST happen. He is completely Elder Gods. But Octo Urchin and Sharky are also fantastic.

    We NEED more OSM characters - and this is the way to do it.

  6. Really lovin the crystalline and Cthulhu heads!!

  7. Sweet merciful crap! O_O!!

    Okay; I concur with Mr. Kent on his statement. This NEEDS to be a toy. I want the squid one AND all those heads need to be made too. Or at the very least just the shark & squid heads. I love the arm extensions on the squid, adding the forked tip to the tentacles really makes it pop. Oh and the squid art-work in that battle pose looks like actual concept card-art; like if this was the 1980's and these were on the pegs I'd totally expect that art to be on the left side of the bubble that holds the figure. I may need to cut & paste this onto my phone or something LoL. I love it. :-D

    I'm digging the clear/red colorway on the metamorpho body, it just looks really cool. The ice/stone concept is great too, I'd love to see some ice/stone arms to further push the ice/stone concept, but then again I love rock people (I blame the Granites from Inhumanoids).

    I LOVE "Ol' Lizard Lips", this one needs to be a big bulky figure. Or at least a large head that I can then put on a makeshift bulky body. I can see this guy standing up in a bar and just towering over everyone before throwing tables at patrons and starting a HUGE space-western bar fight. The fungus head is amazing too, we need more mushroom-themed toys!

    Mel has GREAT designs for variants on his site, I love his stuff. The alternate Mystron is freakin' insane.

    So...when can we buy this stuff? :-D Feedback 'N' Kudos for everyone!!

  8. Cosmic Jukebox = Kit Robot. I see it now!! :D

  9. For some reason, the blog wouldn't let me post my comments. Huh.

    Short version: there is so much win here that I hope these concepts see the light of day as production pieces. Cosmic Jukebox, Armored Xodiac, Space-Cthulhu, and Metabrain all tops, and the three full-body concepts you've provided would make for excellent wallpaper fodder. Jus' sayin'.

  10. I love these designs! Is it wrong that I want to hug Space-Cthulhu?

  11. I can't see a single design up there that doesn't deserve a toy. Brilliant, my friend... BRILLIANT!

  12. I'll make this easy on me and you. If I'm trapped in a v for the rest of my life with three of these guys (in 8 color ways each) they would be...

    1. Armored Squid Head Cthulhu - Bang this son of a bitch out and make the m'fer in multiple colors plus...if you find time...get Walker in on this for a CC. I could see a see through speckle paint pink purple one on my shelf right now. Make it happen.

    2. OctoUrchin - Anything reminding me of an Octorock and a Zola gets the approval. I want him with a blue paint scheme for the head and his armor to be white with glow green breaks.

    3 & 4. This will be two guys! From the second slide, the crystal face wrecks! I want him in kryptonite green with GITD armor. Same slide the Inferno alternate is such a great idea. the color scheme with the red is the right idea.

    5. The last slide, I want Cosmic Jukebox. It has an Ultron feel to it and if you bang that out in a CC silver with double phase arms/feet extensions for a height change...yeah!!!

    Freakish talent boys!

  13. ok that makes sense. I'm not trapped in a "v", I'm trapped in a "cave".

  14. WOWZER!

    These heads seriously need to be made into toys! Especially the Cthulhu and Octo-Urchin heads! If there is one thing the world needs more of, it's Old-one toys!

    Also, alternative clear helmets would be great! Zodiacs current one is awesome, but the movement in the possible metamorpho one is brilliant!

    I really hope that a chunk of these make the light of day as I for one would snap them up if they were released!

  15. honestly, i asolutely love all of your OSM posts. i always enjoy seeing them on your blog and would absolutely love to see a new tab above just for the OSM. Please keep these posts going. i love it.

    Oh, and Space Cthulhu owns and must see the light of day. also, have you ever thought of doing a Pheyden, Man from Glyos, in OSM scale? that would be sick.