Crossover Conceptual Designs: Infection 2.0 and Kabuto Mushi

Marty Hansen AKA The GodBeast has been a great collaborator on the various projects that we have worked on together, but our recent crossovers have been pushing the levels of dual creativity even further than before. The Infection 2.0 and Kabuto Mushi roll outs were a lot of fun to work on, and Marty really went the distance with his execution of the concepts we were throwing back and forth.

The conceptual side of things was actually a three part combo, with the sharp talents of Nate from Dork Dimension bringing the Infection 2.0 head designs to the level they needed to reach. I truly enjoyed getting to work with two extremely dedicated artists who held nothing back when sharing their ideas.

One of the main things I wanted to expand on as we progressed was the storyline that involved the Infection Forces pursuing the Beetorian Corps through the Edge of Space, bringing all of Marty's characters into the Glyos System's time stream. I personally liked imagining how the Infection cast would adapt to their new surroundings, and how Kabuto Mushi and his Beetorian Corps would do with some Traveler DNA upgrades. Their spaceships were also designed, giving an idea of what they might look like flying around our familiar system.

The above designs flesh out some of the crazier ideas that Marty and I had kicked around. I had wanted to explore how the characters would look if they were completely sculpted from scratch, with all new body designs. Marty has actually started the sculpting of the Infection Bio Jumper and the Beetorian Kabuto Hybrid Trooper which are coming out great as I write this.

I want to thank Marty for putting so much effort and expertise into these crossover projects and for inspiring me to get drawing some more. I also want to thank Nate for continuing to make awesome artwork that brings all these things together and seals the vibe with a unique touch. More to come very soon!


  1. I'm lovin' these sketches Matt, the spider that hijacks people is too freakin' sweet. I like the solider guys especially when they absorb traveler DNA. The infection advanced bio jumper is sick too, very streamlined. I'd easily buy all of these when they come out. :-D Feedback 'n' Kudos for everyone!!

  2. Beautiful stuff. It is nice to see these things. I really appreciate how Marty brought these to 3d so much more. Look forward to what else might come out of this collaborative work.

  3. Great work guys! Its awesome to see the behind the scenes sketches like these. Marty is an awesome guy, so it is no surprise that you guys can work this kind of creative magic!

  4. Holy crap. I sincerely hope we see the Hybrid Corps as its own figure someday. And the longer I stare at the Advanced Bio Jumper, the more my skin crawls.

    This is epic.

  5. Pretty exciting designs. This inspires me to get drawing again.

  6. Matty and Marty have some insanely awesome ideas in their heads and together they are coming up with some incredible stuff. Here's hoping that collaborations like this continue and maybe someday we'll be seeing some passcodes and TGB figures down the line. can't wait to see what more you guys got cooking down the line!