Banimon Bunkerbuster!

Gigantic congratulations to our great friend and creator of Banimon, Boris Savic, on the impending release of his long awaited rotocast vinyl Banimon Bunkerbuster Tank, which will be available August 24th (tonight) at 7PM EST over in the Banimon Store! Also, check out his latest online comic, Banimon #4: Killer Science, HERE.

Boris has been working on his Banimon Tank project for the greater part of two years, tweaking and modifying the core design in an effort to make something functional and fun. Having a front row seat for the development of the tank has allowed me to really appreciate the creative process that Boris goes through, and his attention to detail truly shines through when you hold the Bunkerbuster in your hands. The overall aesthetic blends seamlessly with the existing Banimon PVC figures, and builds out the current Banimon universe by allowing a even larger spectrum to come into focus.

The tank is 100% compatible with all previous Glyos vinyl fit functions, and even has some PVC compatible ports located around the tank surface as well, which is a first! The play potential should find an interesting rhythm once this armored armada starts landing across the country. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of configurations surface using these new parts. Some color crossovers are definitely going to be in order.

Way to go, Boris! Here's to many more releases of this awesome new addition to the family!

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