Rig Crew II

 The Store is LIVE!
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Edit: All limits have been lifted and you may place additional orders. Thank you!

You may place 
ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We are seeing a high volume of traffic and need everyone's cooperation to make this as smooth as possible. After the initial dust settles, we will allow customers to place another order. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!

Please note the Buildstation has also been updated with past releases.


  1. Smooth as silk - even ordered my very first Rig! Thanks for the drop!

  2. In & out :) Purple & vinyl for me !!!

  3. I have not had time to buy kraybotov (((Why so few? They sold out very quickly (
    Universal grief!

  4. And I'm glad to see the return of the Nav Sprites!