Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the return of the Rig Crew a good one!

Bringing back Gearius and Klace continues the overall theme of 2014, with many of the core characters from the Passcodes and comics getting updated releases. Gearius holds a special place in our strange history, as the master prototype Scar Pheyden sculpt was based on a custom Gear's Edge Pheyden I cut into way back in our early days. I remember playing with that figure like crazy and modifying the look as time passed, adding a scarf and removable belt into the mix. The removable scarves and belts that the current Rig Crew II Travelers feature were specifically developed during those years of experimenting with that old Scar Pheyden custom. I still have "Desert Scar" sitting on my desk and keeping the other long lost customs in line, even his battle worn brother, the other Scar Pheyden. Maybe the fact that I have always had a crummy right eye somehow translated into my figures perpetually having some kind of ocular issues in their own tiny lives. I guess I should put some interchangeable glasses in the next steel tool.

Looking (with one eye) into the next few months, expect to see two more releases before the year wraps up, one in late October and one in late November/early December. The October wave will see the debut of the previously mentioned new Armorvor head, which is an all new sculpt. This addition will allow for you to still play with the "helmeted" wolf head, but also introduce a different race into the mix , effectively giving you two types of critters. The new head design is not meant to simulate "fitting inside" the current helmeted head like the original furry wolf noggin, but instead serves as a completely separate bipedal species that utilizes the Armorvor technology. As the Armorvor wolf head paid homage to the much loved original Battle Beasts line, this new head is also a tribute to something from the 80's, albeit a bit more obscure.

Wrapping up, our family remains forever grateful for all your support! After so many years and with so much stuff out there to discover, it means everything that you still have interest in the things we do around here. Thank you once again for continuing to play in this corner of the universe!


  1. Nice Gearius up there. A great blend of old and new.

    It's so weird to think that those old posts were years ago now. What a long way Glyos has come, eh? That being said, here's to many more years to come.

    And thank you once again, Matt and everyone, for keeping everything together and moving forward. It might not be easy, but it is appreciated, so keep on keepin' on and making this dream of yours a reality!

  2. I totally missed the purpleies. Bummed. This is one sweet looking release overall though!

  3. I want to guess Rulons, because that's the most exciting thing I can think of right now! I do so like the Armorvors; I think I've only managed to miss out on one colour - the Sonesidar/creamsicle release - that I haven't yet traded for.
    I thought it was great that a new translucent colour was used in an Armorvor this round. Thanks so much for that! Can't wait to see him up close!

  4. Thank YOU for the universe to play in brutha !!!