Mission Details

This wave has been a long time in the making! Marc and I have been discussing an AD&D/ Frazetta/ Golden Axe inspired round for years, and since the introduction of Skeleden we've been chomping at the bit to finally roll something out.

You'll notice that the prices on the majority of the special painted figures are higher than usual, which is due to the extensive spray masks combined with full detail lines (and in some cases additional paint washes/ wipes on the Skeledens armor parts and possibly something else).

In general, the larger price tags shy us away from running assortments like this anniversary selection, as the risks run much higher all across the charts. With that being said, we felt like there was no better occasion to attempt a deluxe wave than in celebration of our 8th year of manufacturing these little buggers!

Regardless of what shakes out, it's been a extremely satisfying group of figures to work on, and a lot of fun finally seeing deluxe painted versions of the Skeleden and Noboto/Protoclone molds. We have never produced figures with this much decoration! They actually feel a little heavier from the loads of paint and lines. Plus, since we are running a special edition of the Kabuto Mushi we had to make sure that we hit the high bar our favorite Paint Warlord, Marty "VITAS" Hansen, continues to set with his great figure line. Thank you Marty for letting us give the old beast a spin!

But before I get into some of the specifics of how we landed on the colors you see above, let's cut to the list!

We are on track for tomorrow night, July 21st at 9:30PM EDT. 

The Black Bridge of Glyosar

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Ullcroth Mutation (Brown PVC/ Bone PVC/ Flesh paint/ Ceramic Brown accents/ Red accents/ Black accents and Ochre Detail Lines) $18 -Features the debut of full Detail Lines and paint wash application on a Skeleden edition 

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Orkmogg Horde Mutation (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents and Muddy Green Detail Lines) $18 -Features the debut of full Detail Lines and paint wash application on a Skeleden edition 

Kabuto Mushi -Sabaku Mage (Ochre PVC/ Light Blue Gray Paint/ Light Tan accents/ Black accents and Dark Gray Detail Lines/ comes packed with unpainted Ochre PVC Mini Mushi) $20 -Special Crossover with The Godbeast

XXX $15

XXX $10

Axis Buildman Argen MK XVII -Electric Revenant (Clear Dark Teal w/ Aqua visors) -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12   
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Protoclone -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Muddy Green Detail Lines and bonus fully painted Noboto head) $14 -Features 13 all new paint applications and the debut of full Detail Lines on a Noboto edition

Crayboth -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Muddy Green Detail Lines  $6 -Features 5 all new paint applications   
Crayboth -Dreadvalken Watcher (Red PVC/ Dark Maroon paint/ Yellow accents/ Dark Brown Detail Lines)  $5

Swing Joint Set -Clear Dark Teal $4

Axis Joint Set -Clear Dark Teal $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Clear Dark Teal $2 

Super Crayboth -Dreadvalken Watcher (Red Vinyl/ Dark Maroon paint/ Yellow accents/ Dark Brown Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications

Armodoc -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown vinyl/ Pale Green vinyl/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Black accents Muddy Green Detail Lines -includes Bonus Syclodoc head) $25

The Orkmogg color pattern pays tribute directly to the classic hues our friend Eric Treadaway put together for the 4H's Mythic Legion Orcs, which were originally going to be a Glyos compatible line. Though the 4H ultimately chose to bump up to a larger scale, we wanted to honor the years of solid discussions and good times (we're still having them!) we all had planning out potential battles between our respective toylines. Our guys will just have to ride on each others shoulders when the lines finally meet!

My apologies for the list being posted on the day of the release, but all the parts of the machine had to be in just the right places to nail our actual anniversary date (and the wedding anniversary of Michelle and I). July 21st is a pretty big day around here.

Thanks for your patience! I hope the wait was worth it!

PS -There will be some surprises...


  1. Aqua Buildman. Yes. OK, I'm impressed.

  2. Beautiful drop. I am beyond excited and hope we can see more of this kind of stuff in the future!

  3. First congrats on your anniversary with Michelle and your 8th anniversary of Onell Designs! Anniversary releases are always special and this one is fantastic. I especially like the Super Crayboth and the KM crossover! Can't wait to see the surprises you have for this drop. Bit figs would be awesome :)

  4. DAMN !!! Like I said EPIC :)

  5. WOW, and there goes all my money lol. This is an epic drop for sure, and with all the detail lines definetely envokes the feel of the old days of Glyos. I am not sure what I will grab, but those Skeldens look amazing & so does that Noboto & Super Crayboth.

    Very curious to see what the surprises are too!

  6. Happy Anniversary to Matt & Michelle!

    And a Happy Anniversary to the Onell crew on your 8th year in the Toy Industry.

    This assortment of figures is by far one of the best looking waves released thus far.

    You can truly see the passion that went into the various figures paint schemes.

    See you at drop time! =)

  7. I just noticed that the Armodoc says there is a Bonus Armodoc head included? Is that a typo and s/b a Bonus Syclodoc head or are we getting a totally different Armodoc head for that bad boy?

    1. Too many hours in front of the screen over here equals a hiccup! Thanks for the catch! Fixed!

  8. Happy anniversary, you guys! The things you learn as time goes on...

    This is one of those drops that looks like it has a lot of love behind it, and it'd be awesome to see more snippets of its story. Are the Orkmoggs a nasty group of villains, or are they the only hope of escaping Dreadvalken? For who or what is Ullcroth named? And where are all the flumphs?

    Of course, a set of Glyamor and some kind of sword for a "hero" figure would be an awesome surprise for this drop...

    1. Also, holy crap, is the first Skeleden a nod to Frontier Pheyden from way back? Just caught that!

    2. Hey Roy!

      Ullcroth is absolutely a nod to the old Frontier Pheyden! Good eye!

      No Glyarmor in this wave, but that project has definitely been activated by Glyaxia Command ...with the assistance of a mysterious new species.

  9. Just when I think I'm out....
    This is the first release in awhile that pulled me right back in. I absolutely LOVE the detail lines. I'm so pumped. Congrats on 8 years. I can't wait to see what surprises you have in store. Perhaps some more Ralph Niese art?

  10. This drop is going to do very, very bad things to my wallet, and I'm just going to sit back and let it happen... Loving the look of the previews, best Super Crayboth yet, love seeing the Armodoc return. I actually just did a custom Skeleden in Apocalypse colors cause I wanted to see how it looked with detail lines, guess I could have just waited. Highly suspicious of the Skeleton Warriors and October Toys tags on this one... things are going to be very interesting in a few hours.

  11. Hope your anniversary, and the drop, are both awesome for you both, and for all!

  12. let me add that I am so happy to have been a part of this family practically from the beginning... I actually had to buy another phanost because I didn't see it had a scar pheyden head and torso (My second favorite traveler) and some electric blue axis/swing joints... this is great great drop