Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave 15

Marty "Prince'" Hansen has prepared a very special wave of Kabuto Mushi MK II figures for sale tonight, JUNE 17th, at 8PM CST.

If you have known Marty for any significant amount of time, you would know how much he likes the late musical genius, Prince. I remember that one of our first conversations many years ago involved how much inspiration Marty found in the music and style of Prince. It makes perfect sense that a wildly creative, provocative and sometimes controversial artist would resonate with the Godbeast.

For tonight's release, Marty has paid homage to "The Purple One" with a pair of figures that celebrate the incredible career of another extraordinary musician that was taken too soon.

Along with the two Prince tributes, Marty will also have a very cool super deluxe "Buzzer" Mushi available, which draws from the great Masters of the Universe classic figure line. Rounding out the selection comes the "Hopper" Mushi, featuring a color combo lined right up with our fairly recent Keytrius figures.

All in all, a very personal and extremely cool new assortment.

Wave 15, Marty! That's a hell of an achievement in these hyper competitive and unpredictable days of collecting!

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