Spaced Out Design: Rule of the Raptinok

The great Pj Bartlett of Spaced Out Design has conjured up some all new 3D printed creations that are set to invade his rapidly growing figure line tonight, June 26th, at 9PM EDT.

It's hard not to love the bio-mechanical, bipedal "Raptinok" shown above, especially when it's been printed in GITD material! Pj continues to push his own boundaries with the execution of this original character, which sports over 18 interchangeable parts in its 100% 3D printed construction. There's more in store than just the Raptinok tonight, with a selection of surprise figures also waiting in the shadows of the Velgeris, yet to be revealed.

I've been lucky to have watched the development of Pj's latest characters while at the shop, and have seen some serious time and effort go into refining all of his new designs. The variety of his personal influences and interests continue to inspire extremely unpredictable and exciting work.

Adding a double dose of excitement to this new limited release is a special set of Spaced Out Design themed comic pages rendered by none other than the creator of Banimon, Boris Savic! By illustrating the beginning of Pj's ongoing story, Boris shares yet another of his many talents by drafting the art completely old school style, with straight ink and markers. I hope we see more from this collaboration very soon. 

Yet another inspiring exhibition of skills by Pj and Boris!

What a month!


  1. These are amazing! Please tell me pvc production is in the cards.

  2. Easily one of my favorite designs PJ has come up with to date. Robotic. Bipedal. Dino-people. What is NOT to love about that combination??

    I second Shiggy's desire to see PVC figures of these guys, if ANY of PJ's figures deserved to get the PVC treatment, it's the Raptinok.