Thank You!!!

Thank you for making Wave 58 a great one! My apologies that this is a little late, but we did indeed encounter an all new mysterious issue with our frenemy PayPal during the night of the release. Due to this new problem, which involved a significant amount of completely missing orders and funds that then appeared in batches nearly a day after they were made, we decided to shut the store down as we thoroughly double checked everything. Even with our battle tested mathematical countermeasures, we were sideswiped by the PayPal matrix of unpredictability yet again (although at this point weird glitches perfectly lining up with our launches seem virtually guaranteed). Suffice it to say we had a couple very long nights! We really appreciate all of your patience as we worked it out.

All orders placed before the store was closed have been processed and shipped out, including international orders, so be on the lookout for invading Quallerran forces starting Monday. The speed at which everything hit the post is 100% due to the combined efforts of Michelle, Marcus, Megan and Pj. They are truly teamwork personified.

Speaking of the Quallerran, we'll be nosing a bit into their collective background as the week progresses, exploring how they are connected to the creation of Noboto as well as the lost world of Vhorren-Vy.

I'll try not to ramble too much with this post, but once again you have kept the bus rolling, and more now than ever we are humbled by your passion and dedication to this strange little after school project. Thank you for inspiring us to push our own limits and for continuing to share your talents and creativity.


  1. As always, you all continue to be the classiest of class acts. Thanks for the update!

  2. is there any new molds coming this year or next year maybe the villseer

  3. What a fantastic drop! As soon as the first pics appeared I started wondering about how the Quallerran and Noboto/Exiles might be connected or related. Looking forward to some more background on them this week!

  4. You guys are all out nuts! The Great PayPal crisis of '16 and everything still gets boxed and shipped in a matter a few days, you guys are insane and we love ya for it! Can't wait to dig into this box of goodies, this was such a cool drop. Love the evolution of Noboto...or is it De-evolution? Definitely looking forward to more backstory.

  5. It's such a simple thing to change the head of a figure but that new Qualleran head looks great. I was super excited to get mine in the mail yesterday! thank you!