Mission: Power Lords

Our old buddies, the Four Horsemen, have been running a special pre-order for the continuation of their awesome Power Lords line for the last month, and it wraps up later today (October 6th) at 3PM EDT.

Although we moved in different directions over the last few years professionally, we still remain great friends, and everyone here at Onell has been in full support of both Mythic Legions as well as the re-relaunch of Power Lords. The amount of work the guys (especially Eric) have poured into the redesigning process on these new super articulated Power Lords is deep, and continues to stand as an absolute passion project. As much as it was fun to work on this property together years ago, it's still been cool getting to see the 4H resurrect this strange yet glorious action figure classic, one more time.

If you enjoyed the first and second iterations of Power Lords, it's safe to say you'll love this third journey into the combined minds of the legendary Wayne Barlowe and the inimitable Four Horsemen.

Special thanks to Eric for the images shown above. Raygoth is the king!

Also, I've watched this little promo video about 50 times now, love the vibe Ryan Lord captured.


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