Sector 7

Trained within Sector 7 on the Point Cerrek Space Station located above Planet Esedeth, Glyaxia Rangers are each granted access to a highly classified dossier known as the Hades File upon graduation from the Ranger Program. It's rumored that this file contains an "Alternative History" of the Glyos System, revealing to its reader what truly lies behind the shadow of Glyaxia Command.


  1. The Glyaxia Rangers look amazing, Matt! Paint apps on the head, upper knee, and shoulder really set this one off.

  2. Curious how the Glyaxia Rangers and Esedeth might be connected. Possible VRD/Code Zeron integration in the Rangers?

  3. And here I was worried with the Armorvor and Granthan alliance and the Gendrone uprising that Glyaxia might have straightened up and gotten their act together. Nice to know they're as shady as ever.