Toyfinity Attacks!

Toyfinity starts 2018 off right, with another powerful wave of reimagined classic characters from the old Ideal catalog, poised to raid your collections tonight, January 17th at 9PM EST! Details are posted over at the Toyfinity blog!

The recent Gendrone Union metallic copper also makes its return with matching Zeroid Zobor and Robo Force Maxx Zero (in Maxx Zobor form) editions (shown in their combined Super Zobor form above), opening up more build potential across the different Glyos lines.

Another big character debut for this new Toyfinity release is the official rollout of the Knight of Darkness, the original Ideal version having been a big time personal favorite of mine since its dubious entrance into the toy world back in 1977. This is a significant round on many levels!

These are a blast, John! So excited to finally see these guys happen!


  1. Woah! Did not see that coming, Phanost may have bit off more than he can chew! Awesome drop from the Doc. Pretty psyched on getting the Neo Sincroid head along with those Darkness heads.

  2. Can't wait for your next drop Matt, hope it is soon!