Thank You!!!

Thank you for bringing in 2018 with a solid Wave 70! We had a good little mini-hiatus since the last round in late November, so it felt good to get cracking on things again.

All the new colors seemed to come in on target and delivered an array of building fodder, particularly with the Villser "Standard" hues being represented across a couple different molds. It's neat to finally be able to explore the Villser character in actual production after thinking about it for so many years. These specific color assignments had been held back for the most part until now, with the goal of one day actually running a proper Villser Standard assortment.

The Real Type Glyaxia Rangers was another concept that had been percolating for a bit, influenced in no small part by a potentially unhealthy fixation with the classic Galaxy Rangers cartoon of old. Story-wise, the Glyaxia Rangers also loop into our old Gear's Edge arc, as Gear's parents were affiliated with an early incarnation of their unit (Glyan Rangers) before things went south for Gear's family. We'll be exploring some more Real Type action in our late February/early March release as well. 

Speaking of homages, Skeleden Redborg draws direct inspiration from our friends Yasuhiro Nightow and Noriyuki Zinguzi, two of the powerhouses behind one of the coolest modern toy lines going, Assemble Borg. Their Jarkroid Volga/Walze release that came out in 2016 is one of my personal favorites from an already incredible selection of figures. So naturally, a little blending of the PVC DNA seemed in order. From Glyos to Assemble Borg, we salute you!

Another big shout out goes to the 2D deity, Ralph Niese! The dynamic illustration shown above continues to showcase his extraordinary natural abilities and signature style. We love it, Ralpho!

All packages as of this writing have hit the post. Michelle and Pj were the consummate masters of shipping as always, making sure that everything flowed smoothly. My apologies to both of them for the wicked Vangelis loop, but the barn was asking for it.

Stock is holding up well and should probably hang in there until early next week on most items, judging by the current rate of action. The Standard Villser should be available for an extended amount of time, as it was ordered with a Buildstation approach in mind.

We're looking forward to what's ahead and feel refreshed and ready to bring new projects your way. Thank you once again for getting 2018 off to a great start!


  1. A purchasable poster/print of that artwork would be awesome!

  2. That is wicked painting! What is that Ranger colored construct blasting at Redborg? I'm curious, is that a Ralph inspired build or are there yet to be revealed hubset builds on the horizon?

    Loving the return to some real type for the early new year. Any chance we might see the return to the Bio-Paralyzer in Glyan form some day? I could go for a build station glyninja in that cloudy transparent PVC!

    1. that's a build from Matt he sent me a photo of. i'm sure he'll drop it here at a later moment.

  3. That is quite the piece of artwork! Also, without going too heavily into spoilers, the Optivos mystery figure is one of the best mystery figures so far. Good to see some of the same techniques that Cytechion used slipping into other releases.

    I hope the Villser colorways linger for a while since I had to go light this round, but thanks for remembering those of us with a building habit!

  4. Interesting to hear Gear's parents mentioned- I'd never given a lot of thought to how Travelers come into existence. I guess I'd always imagined them as just.. Being there from the start of time, or maybe materializing from cosmic forces.