The Diversus Spawn

Left behind on the Atarikoth Comet to keep watch on another one of Gatekeeper Viyer's "discoveries", a single Protoclone soon starts to mutate from prolonged exposure to the pure Diversus Energy flowing through the primordial vessel itself.

Quickly multiplying, the newly spawned Diversus Mutants begin to repair the ancient ship to complete its original mission: mutate all life in the Glyos System so the Diversus Empire can rise again!

Using a Hub augmented Aetheric Eye, Halkenn remotely views the nefarious activity aboard the Atarikoth Comet and initiates a plan to eradicate the ancient threat, once and for all.


  1. Are those rock formations a hint at what could possibly be bonus heads?

  2. Poor Darkness Soldiers trapped as part of the wall forever.

  3. I do love when Viyer's work comes back to haunt the Glyos System... Makes me wonder what he got up to after they found the Diversus Dimension Gate.