The Hallowden King

A relic of a shattered and forbidden planetoid, the derelict Crypt of Crethicay drifts through the emptiness of silent space, an ominous shadow lurking just beyond sight.

Yet under its surface the Hallowden King reigns supreme. Summoning nefarious beasts from the haunted Circle of Chaos, the Hallowden King prepares his growing legions for their attack on the world of the living.

A formerly suppressed part of his mind now energized, Halkenn experiences a vision of a horrifying alternate future, where the Hallowden King has laid waste to the many cities of Glyos.

Springing quickly into action with his Hub Drone, Quinmorr, Halkenn uses his psychic force to locate the Crypts of Crethicay, intent on eliminating the twisted machinations of the Hallowden King before they can become a reality.


  1. Of all things, it's the Crayboth monster in the center I can't look away from. Great work as always, Ralph.

  2. How do I find that super rad spooky song that was from one of the past Halloween releases? I used the Halloween tag from the bottom but didn’t find it