A Haunted Addendum

It's no secret Matt and I love all things creepy and crawly, and this last round of Glyos deviants is high on my list of personal favorites. Extra fun was had during the launch, creating some bonus pixel mutations, and eventually a full sticker sheet of sprites plagued my screen.

A small run of new sticker sets are available now from the Culture Pirates shop! These will ship by themselves in a super sturdy flat-mailer to ensure safe delivery. Twin 4x6 sheets are included with each set for a total of 14 stickers.

I haven't finished watching The Haunting of Hill House, so Halloween is still in full effect over here!

Much more Bit Figs related news to be revealed at DCon...


  1. Just saw the collaboration with 1000 toys for Dcon. Will the Glyosynth Pheydon ever be available for those of us that can't attend Dcon?