Thank You!!!

Thank you and a late Happy Halloween! We've been hustling triple time over the last week to keep up with the flow from this new wave and we're very grateful for that!

Right out of the gates, an extra special thanks on this release goes to our longtime collaborator and brojack, Ralph Niese. The German genius brought everything to another level with his latest batch of drawings, truly delivering some outstanding work. Ralpho, you really detonated the megastick of dynamite and blew us all away!

Our collective love for the holiday made it a real blast to work on the Halkenn arc. With the intense pace of things around here (over the last few years in particular), finding quality time to actually write down some of the stories drifting in between my ears can be tough. However, the stars aligned this time and I feel like we were able to present Halkenn properly.

Moving from spooky to sneaky, our next wave is set to land right near the end of this month, and will see the return of the Satraku Clan. We've had ninjas of all kinds on the mind lately, and so have some of our other Glyos-making friends.

Toy Pizza's great and free thinking Jesse DeStasio, chief architect of the KOTS and upstate New York's municipal menace, has a fun new Kickstarter running right now. Funding has already been met, but there are a bunch of wild stretch goals that are just beginning to open up. One of the first of these goals is perhaps the most horrifying sculpt in all of Glyos to date, that being a tiny version of my head. For reasons beyond understanding, Jesse D had Ant create a mini-me. I suppose folks can use it as a stand in for a variety of vagrants or extended coma patients.

Beyond the small Beardlord, there are a slew of awesome unlocks, my favorite being the Device Ninja. I've been watching the development of this figure and it's loaded with cool parts. Depending on where things land, there could also end up being an upgrade kit available with even more optional limbs and heads. The Device Ninja has some neat connections to the Satraku Clan that we hope to explore in 2019.

As of this writing all packages have been shipped out, including all international orders. Michelle and Pj both hammered through a larger than normal stack of invoices and never missed a beat.

Barn tunes revolved around the soundtrack from Interstellar, some Little Dragon and early Eagles (sorry Marcus).

Wrapping up the latest wordwall, we hope to see some of you this month at DCon. We'll be at booth 2629! More details to come.

Massive thanks from the whole crew for an awesome Halloween release!


  1. Thank you for another truly awesome wave, and thank you for all of the freebies and stowaways that always manage to sneak into the boxes!

  2. I will totally sew your You figure a pair og Action Shorts to help further replicate your signature look. Aka wearing shorts all the time.

  3. "vagrants or extended coma patients"...meanwhile plans for Glyos throne-rooms are being drawn up across the globe

  4. Replies
    1. Hey Christopher, please shoot me an email through the contact link. Thanks!

  5. Ninja of all kinds are welcome addition to the Glyos fam, any chance we may see some translucent Glyninja's in the upcoming drop?