Wave 82 is GO!

Wave 82 is live!

Thanks to Ralph Niese for the incredible art to cap off a wild night!

All limits have been lifted!

We apologize for the store glitch! We are not sure exactly what happened but Shopify were super helpful and everything on the storefront should be good to go. It's been so long since we've had a meltdown in the store, we are all scrambled eggs right now!

THANK YOU for hanging in there while we mended the fences!!!


  1. Glad to see that everything worked out! It wouldn't really reflect Glyos' history if something didn't crash the store at some point...

    Anyway, it's been one heck of an anniversary wave, and it's good to see the Gendrones back in action! It's amazing that even after twelve years, you all still keep injecting fresh life into these little robots and aliens. Here's to twelve more years, at least!

  2. Spectacular drop, beautiful new heads and some stunning updates to older figures I wasn't around for originally. Perhaps that Argenesis virus is still hiding out in the shopify store, looking to cause trouble for the Gendrones and their Brethren? Also thank you for the mostly unpainted Pheyaos!

  3. Amazing wave guys! You guys touched on everything I was looking for. I haven't had a "bigger" order like this in at least a year. Thanks again for getting everything patched up so quickly.

  4. Love the renegades, amazing wave.

  5. Them renegades are a troublesome bunch.

  6. Dude no worries brother! A half an hour is peanuts compared to the Glyaxia drop that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. I atill remember sitting at Beth's laptop in our 2nd apartment talking with people in the October Toys Forums where you actually went onto the boards and answered peoples Glyos questions. Crazy how the time has flown by. I will have to do a comparison between this new Ranic Buildman and v1 which is over on my shelf at the moment.

    Keep on doing the good work you do, I am working on a sculpt for a new figure as I waited for the release to go live and I was glad I could score more Joints for building with (this last sculpt gobbled up all my Small Female/Male axis joint parts).

    Despite how crazy the world gets, I am glad you guys and Glyos are still chugging along. Can't wait to get the new stuff in jand!

  7. Great drop for the anniversary, lots of classics returning and the Renegades finally make it to production, cannot wait to put those carved up domes on my builds.

    I love the new backstory for Ranic as well. Dude's just been off tending to his garden during Phanost's machinations, the Gendrone civil war, the Villser invasion, oh and while he was gardening he became the most powerful Buildman in the universe in his spare time. I hope he tells more stories down the line.

  8. Here we are, the morning (afternoon?) after and of course the Gobons are Gone-bon! Gone-bons? Whatevs. I'm happy I was able to snag a Renegade with that sick combat-bib. I love how it took them at least 9 years to realize they were covered in barbecue sauce stains (see also the previous comments on Glyos-brand moist towelettes). Once again, happy anniversay to Onell Design!

  9. I absolutely love this art! Well done Ralph!

    Also, fantastic Anniversary wave, Matt! Can't wait to have these in hand. Though the Gobon and Phaseon Renegades are definitely the cream of the crop I think I'm most excited about Ranic Buildman and the Black Skulls. Both were a year before my time in the Glyos universe and always held a bit of mystery and excitement, being the first of their kind.

  10. Of course the Gobons are already lol, so happy to be part of glyos all the amazing work you and the others create Matt! I love all the returning characters and colors in this drop and it's very nice things all still worked out in the end, Happy anniversary and here's to more years to come! Oh, and as for the story judging by those silhouettes Ranic has a bit of trouble headed his way!

  11. For whatever reason, I could not get signed in on my phone to post a comment Sunday or Monday. Had to boot up my laptop to make it work. Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to the whole gang. You guys are tremendously talented and very special people. Cheers to you and here's to many, many more years of plastic goodness!!!

    Matt, In wave 80 you dropped a hint about holding back on translucent colors for a special reason. Any additional hints you can give? I know what I'm hoping it is, but I would love more confirmation so I can get pre-approval on the loan I will need if its a Micro release...

  12. Man oh man, this was a mini-ride. I remember fighting for the Armorvor back when they first debued and praying that the shop wouldn't crash before I got the chance to place the order. It's nostalgic in a way?

    Absolutely blows my mind that it's been ten years since I stumbled across the Founders, oogling toy customizer galleries. Jin Satome did some one-off 1/6th bashes with Pheyden, Sarvos, and Phanost, and I was hooked.

    Cheers to you, Sir, and all who work with you to bring us more Glyos. The Renegades in full production was a magnificent surprise, and I can't wait to put them alongside their brethren. Here is to many more years of living the dream.