Thank You!!!

Huge thanks to you guys for a super charged 12th anniversary release! You were even able to scramble Shopify's circuits, which up until last Sunday we'd never seen happen before! Luckily, Shopify was right on top of things, and resolved the issues quickly, allowing us to stay on track without closing down the store (Paypal PTSD!). We really appreciate the level of patience that you each showed as we worked through the surprise technostorm!

Like everything around here, we'd been planning the details of this wave for quite some time, so finally being able to share felt really good, despite the temporary store weirdness. Connecting all the dots to allow for production Renegades was challenging, but the pathway eventually opened up with some gentle bludgeoning. For those that have been into this stuff for years, I hope that finally seeing the Renegades in production was worth the extremely long wait.

An extra tip of the hat goes to Jesse D and the Toy Pizza Empire for supplying the Renegades with some KOTS powered mechanical menace in the form of the Rift Renegade Construct! Make sure to hit their store tomorrow afternoon for a new wave of UV reactive figures!

Once again, we want to send out a gigantic thank you to Ralph Niese for such a perfect set of new illustrations, commemorating the anniversary as only he could do. We've been collaborating and building the Glyos narrative with Ralph since back in 2010! Ralph, Marcus and I not only have a deep creative connection, but more importantly have a brotherly bond. This includes driving each other crazy at times, but I'm sincerely grateful that we've been able to make so much stuff together for so long. Continuing that trend, be on the lookout for the above illustration to appear as a 1980s fueled sticker sheet in the near future!

Looking towards our next release, the timing should land Wave 83 sometime in mid-September. Expect some more surprises to welcome in the Fall!

As of this post, all orders since last Sunday (barring what came in today) have shipped out, including all internationals. We had a full house for packing this time, and as always, Michelle and Pj were in top form. We all worked triple time to try and get the packages out to everybody as quickly as possible. Barn tunes were a blend of Yumi Zouma (first half packing) and simply replaying Avengers: Endgame (second half packing) on loop!

Special shout out to the our brothers Nate Baertsch and Iz for visiting for a few days during the release. They held down the fort while Marcus and I scrambled to get the store cured and made the night a lot less hectic! I'm getting super psyched for your new project, Nate!

Wrapping up, even if we were to close up shop in a tariff ridden toy implosion tomorrow, I would still feel like we lasted longer than we could have ever asked for. We'll keep pushing it as long as we're able, and I promise we'll stay true to what makes Glyos something special, which is of course, each one of you.

Thanks again from the whole crew for 12 years!


  1. Wooo0! Congrats again, great work and an awesome drop everyone!

  2. Loving the new stuff and a sticker sheet of those drawings sounds amazing. My composition books I use to draw and make notes in are primed and ready for these!

    Yeah all the China Tariff craziness gets me really worried for all the Glyos makers but like you said Matt, 12 years for an independent toy company's toy line is a sheer amazing feat. It still blows my mind how much of a constant Glyos has been in my life over these last 12 years and how much you all have helped me grow as a creative person. I often go back and look at some of those early blog posts and think "Wow, how much has really changed?". Thank you all for continuing to churn out these toys and for making me into who I am today, I will never forget that as long as I live.

    Long live Glyos!

  3. Thank you for everything you do, especially being a driving creative force in the toysphere. 12 years ago I had nearly stopped buying and certainly stopped playing with toys. 10 years ago I stumbled across your corner of the universe and the rest is history. As always, keep up the great work.

  4. It's hard to believe how far everything has come, but you all have had such dedication that maybe it isn't so hard to believe after all.

    Here's to another twelve years, whatever happens. And hey, the Renegades were absolutely worth the wait...just please don't make us wait another nine years for their reappearance!

  5. Always a delight to see Ralph's art grace the blog once more. Can't believe it's been twelve years... oh man, and for me it's gonna be ten this December!!